Cleaning and treating internasal injuries? Help?


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Jul 10, 2014
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Today I happened to go out and look at my flock and I noticed what looked like a boil on the bottom half of my roo's right nostril. I decided to take him out and give him a good look over and I noticed food in that nostril. Thinking he had just been dumb and got his nose clogged up and it inflamed his nose into forming a boil, I started to take the food out with a warm needle. Then I noticed the smell. Apparently what I thought was food was actually thick yellow puss that had congealed in his nostril. It looks like it had been there awhile and I just didn't notice it cause it was in his nostrils.

Does anyone have a good solution to cleaning out his nose and administering a medicine to help it heal? I am pretty sure it is not Fowl pox. He is healthy looking besides this fact. I figured he got cut by something in the field and it got infected somewhere along the lines and it just couldn't drain right. No swelling or heat, just an annoyed roo.
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Update: I have decided to lance the boil off because after I cleaned his nostril out, he began to drip thick puss from his nostril. After removing the boil and cleaning out the remaining infection and dabbing some antimicrobial ointment on his nose he seems to be able to breathe through his nostril now slightly. There is some blockage still based on the air-flow resistance I hear from him in that nostril. I still have no idea where the main infection is and I was curious if there is a nasal wash I can give him to flush the rest out?

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