Cleaning before painting


Apr 26, 2020
Hi! Sorry if this has been touched on a thousand times, I’m still learning how to use this website. Am going to try and paint our run and new coop (when build) and am wondering what works best for cleaning the run before painting? I’ve seen recommendations for exterior latex paint for the actual painting, but want to clean before. Thanks!
I would pressure wash with water and then paint when the wood is dry.

Do you have concerns about mites?
Ask your paint provider how to prep the thing being painted.
One of the reasons I don't paint stuff is the work that goes into prep,
which if isn't done well can make painting a waste of time.
LOL. I would dearly love not to paint it, but this falls under the category of - the chickens are yours :p. As does coop and poop cleaning. I'm not worried about mites, we did see a couple after my husband held them about a month ago. I used DE (I know - mixed feelings) and bathed the 2 fluffy ones. Maybe saw 1 mite come off. Since then nothing.

Thanks for your help!

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