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Oct 15, 2010
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OK. Black bean corn and onion salsa? Ok or not. How much to feed at a time? I have Pig pickin pig left over from last summer needs to go. I have 31 15 week chickens. How much can they eat at a time. I have been making oatmeal and raisins for us, I eat a bowl and they get the rest of a two cup water, one cup oat meal recipe every morning so I thought I would stop cooking for the girls and feed them this other stuff for break fast. I'm thinking about a cup of both the salsa and a cup of pork. But I'm questioning the food.
All's I know about feeding them salsa is that some ppl fill up empty eggs when they're trying to break chickens on egg eating. I guess it doesn't taste the best to them.
NO onion is fine but will make the egg taste off but they aren't laying yet. I was talking about the black beans.
Black beans should be OK. The problem with beans are if they are not cooked. I think your plan sounds OK.

Imp- Could you send me some for dinner?
My chickens will eat all kinds of beans. They always get my leftovers. I eat beans a lot as my meat replacement at dinnertime and there's always some leftover for the girls. Good source of protein!
mine love onions, it's one of their favorite treats. Are you sure it's not good for them?

I just read several other threads here, and googled it some, and I didn't find a definitive source one way or the other; I'd like a reference if it really is bad for them.

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A simple rule of thumb is-if you can eat it they can eat it: regardless of what you may read here.
Okay, I have to ask, (this must be a regional thing) what in the world is Pig pickin pig????
That is SO understable!!!! I'm from Oregon so 35 years ago I had NO idea what a pig pickin was. You get a whole pig from a butcher and put it on a HUDGE grill and cook it very slowly for a long time and it is THE BOMB!!!!! If you have lft overs you put it in freezer wrapped in the skin and foil and a extra large baggie. I t will last far a year at least. We had a wedding another pig pickin and another function. ALOT OF PIG!!!!!!!! So I'm getting in all sorted out.

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