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Mar 26, 2018
my chick was just born and its a having hard time getting on her feet and shes wobbling around but every time she breathes, i hear a clicking sound from her tummy. she also has sound kind of cord (umbilical i think) from her butt which is like a long rope but ends with as blob but its not connected to egg. but anyways, what is the clicking sound. she was just born! p.s- i cant post picture please write what you think it is.
It sounds like she has some residual umbilcal stump, and it should dry up and disappear soon. You can apply some iodine or alcohol to it.

Clicking can be a sign of respiratory distress. Look for any signs of air uder the skin. I once had a chick with a leaking air sac and it had clicking with each breath. Chicken have air sacs all over the body, and a bump or injury can cause air to leak under the skin. Those leaking air sacs can be deflated with a needle, but I would only do that if the air leak was large or it caused respiratory distress.
yah and she has curled toes but we fixed it now. there are no signs of air under skin so do I just wait for it to go away?
That is about all you can do. Please try some chick vitamins orally such as Poultry Cell, or some you can add to the water such as Durvet or other brands. That may help her curled toes.
and now her beak is opening and closing and her tongue is going up and down in her throat. this happened when i gave her food and water
It sounds like she is gasping. Do you think she may have choked on food or water? I would let her only drink or eat by dipping her beak into it for a second, and letting her swallow. She may have some underlying problem, such as a heart problem where she may not live.

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