Clipping claws?


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Aug 7, 2010
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One of my big BO hens somehow broke a toe last summer. It healed, but now it's all crooked, and that toe doesn't get used when she's scratching around the yard. So now that one claw is getting ridiculously long.

I don't think it's bothering her... can I cut it? Should I cut it?
I believe the claw should be like a toenail or a dogs nail, so as long as you avoid the blood vessel you should be able to clip it back.
However, as long as the nail is not digging into anything, causing any issues, or getting the bird hung up on stuff, I don't see it needing to be necessary. Just a little cosmetics :D
Thanks. I figured I could just leave it be. I don't see it catching on anything or bothering her in any way. In case it does, an inch or so out? Scissors? I think we'll just wing it.
Scissors can cause the nail to split as you are cutting, opening the quick to infection. Nail cutters for dogs are widely available, not very expensive, and work well. The same large ones I use on my german shepherd are use to trim the spurs on roosters. I could just pick Rusty off the roost at night, carry him in, hold him upside down in my lap, and trim.
I have little clippers for the guinea pigs/ ferrets, but I doubt they're big enough. I'll pick up some dog clippers the next time I hit the pet store. Thank you!

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