Clipping wings


6 Years
Sep 10, 2013
We have just taken delivery of our first 5 new chickens. They are 12 weeks old. I have 2 questions.
1. I have built a rather large coop with 4 nesting boxes. Should these be closed off or is it ok to leave open until they are ready to lay.
2. I don't want to clip their wings, but is it recommended to do so.
My chickens completely ignored their nesting boxes until they were laying age so I never needed to block them off. If you notice them playing in them, sleeping in them, or finding lots of poop in the boxes then yes, you need to remove them or block them off. If the chickens sleep in the boxes then your eggs will be poop covered and can easily be broken. If they break the eggs then it's likely they will become egg layers.

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Welcome to BYC! I would block them off so they use the perches. I only clip my chicken's wings if they can get out of the run. Otherwise I don't think it is necessary.
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