CLOSED FOR SUBMISSIONS - 2018 BYC Calendar - Your Pictures Needed!

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We need your BEST Chicken Pics!!!

It's time for us to start getting your pictures for the 2018 BYC Calendar!

**Deadline for pic submissions is August 31**

(UPDATE: Submit "Other Poultry" Pics HERE:

Submit your pictures to this next year's calendar:

1) Find a HIGH RESOLUTION (at LEAST 3,000 pixels wide & 2,000 pixels tall) picture that is very clear, clean, and doesn't have people in it.
2) Reply and upload your picture to this thread.
3) No watermarks, text, etc. on the image
4) By submitting your pictures you agree that you are granting BYC license to edit and use the images in the calendar, promotions, and for other BYC purposes, etc.
5) Limit of 2 submissions per user, so choose your very best pictures!!

Remember, make sure you have a clear high resolution image (at LEAST 3,000 pixels wide and 2,000 pixels tall... but even higher resolution is better)! Our system will resize your picture when you upload it, so make sure you have/keep the full sized image if in case your photo is selected.

Here is an image of our 2011 calendar pics:

We're looking forward to your wonderful picture submissions!!!

A few notes:
  1. We've been known to send a free calendar to those who get their pics chosen... so, maybe it will happen again this year.
  2. Remember, only 2 submissions per member, and make sure you have VERY HIGH RESOLUTION images that we can use for print!
  3. Regarding copyright & license: We are very sensitive and careful about respecting copyright of other peeps' work. We want to make sure we have your permission to use the photo for the calendar and for other BYC related uses. You retain ownership of your image and can continue to use it however you want. By submitting your pictures to this thread you are simply granting BYC license to use the images for BYC related purposes.
Regarding contest timing, judging, etc:

Here's how the judging process will probably work:

  1. Our team will go through and filter out all the submissions that don't meet the requirements for the calendar (takes about two weeks after the deadline for submissions)
  2. We'll gather all the links to the images together and we'll go through and rate the pictures (I'm guessing it will probably be around 100+ pictures and take a couple weeks)
  3. Once all the pictures are rated, our team will review the top submissions and choose the 13+ images that will end up in the calendar. (about a week)
  4. Then the images go into the design and printing process and head into our store (about 3-5 weeks)
  5. We hope to have the calendars in our store by the end of October!
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Hello There,

I would be very happy to enter! Here is a couplea really good pictures that I hope you all like as much as I do!

I wish everyone the best of luck!


The new tink.jpg

I hope I did this right, please tell me if I did not!
Thank you! I am so sorry if these are not the right size, I can edit them!

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If I may be permitted to ask a question. I am not used to all this electronic stuff so how can I find out if pics are a certain size before actually submitting them?

With my computer, it'll show me the image size if I click on them while they're on my desktop. I'm not sure how it would work on yours... I'm not much of a techie myself.
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