Coats for chickens

Sharon Bee

6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
I am just wondering if anyone has bought coats for chickens. I know this sounds strange but I am wanting to try it to stop the feather picking. My brown chickens are the worst and nothing has worked so far. I am envisioning something that could be velcroed on so easy to put on and remove and something that would go around her body and up her neck a bit.

I have seen some online but wondered if any of you have tried it. Thanks.


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12 Years
Dec 11, 2009
Colorado Rockies
They're generally called "saddles" or "aprons" if you're going to do an internet search. There are lots of places to buy them and there are many patterns available if you're handy with a sewing maching or a crochet needle like my neighbor was who made this one for my Brahma Joycie who was being shaved by Flo-the-serial-feather-picker, who is at it again.

These garments work great as long as the chicken will leave them in place. Joycie never would permit any garment, and I tried many different kinds, to remain before she figured out how to get it off. She managed to unravel this fine, stylish crocheted version in less than a day. Notice the strand of yarn in front of her beak she already has gotten started? This one is designed to protect her neck , a favorite target of Flo's.

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