Coaxing a snake

Pretend like snake is a dragon and give it a "virgin" egg so it will not molest the "kingdom" henhouse. I assume snake goes somewhere else to process a large meal rather than sit in nest between meals. Problem with that approach is snake may have worked out where it's honey hole for eggs is located.
He ignores the fake eggs in the nests. Hens seem to ignore him too. The lay in the nests box right beside him. Lol
Give snake a real egg, not a fake. If snake feeds in only first nest it encounters with an egg, then block of so wife and hens can not get into it and have an egg there all the time to distract the dragon. That could serve as snakes feeding station your wife knows to avoid until she works up confidence to handle snake herself. Work on getting her to photograph snake for ID.
After the snake has been spotted eating an egg and then left, secure your coop so it cannot get back in. 1/2 inch hardware cloth, fill all gaps, etc. Previous poster is correct in saying the snake likely moves elsewhere to digest it's meal. Depending on the size of the snake, they often eat more than one egg at a meal. I've watched them and it IS fascinating. Your hens might be much better layers than you thought! Egg eating snakes will usually take chicks as well, given the chance. Secure that coop!

My late Grandaddy Ray used to put a yard-wide dusting of caliche dust mixed with ground dried hot chili peppers around his hen house to deter all manner of pests and predators. He swore it stopped ants, snakes, scorpions and such. Said they don't like crawling over the powder and the hot pepper dust burns them. I admit that I've never tried it myself. It rains where I live, unlike Grandaddy's west Texas farm.

Give your fraidy wifey a sharpened snake shovel. Keep it near where she sees the snake. If she gets worked up enough at that snake, she might just get it. Good luck!
I would probably be whittling to my hubby over the snake but I would probably take a pic to ID then grab it out if not poisonous

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