cobwebs in the coop


12 Years
Feb 16, 2010
Is it good or bad to have cobwebs hanging from the ceiling of the coop? I like to keep my coop neat and clean and would get rid of them if they are not doing any good. I have 32 chickens and clean the coop and nesting boxes and spray it down once a week.
I hear ya! Cobwebs and DUST!!!

I surveyed everyone I knew about what colors to choose painting the coop & run. Picked a lovely 4-color combo that just tickled my heart. 2 years later, it's hard to even make them out...

Every once in a while I take a stick into the coop & run and knock down as many as I can. Outside in the run I hose things down sometimes at night. The girls are gone and not terrified by it but I can't really see what I'm getting and what I'm not.

The cobwebs bother me but I don't see that they really bother the hens. And if they're doing anything detrimental I haven't seen it...
Sounds like you're doing all that you can do...chalk it up to another one of those perks of chicken keeping!:D...My coop stays looking like a crazy mess...even after I've just cleaned it!
I find that If you knock them down frequently for 3 or four times in a row- they don’t come back so quickly anymore. Versus once a year and they’re back in a week. Not sure why. An old farmer once told me this about a rabbit barn. I thought he was crazy. But soon learned it’s very true. I don’t get many cobwebs. Dust on the other hand... that’s another story entirely. Drives me crazy!
Trying that from this moment forth, Noellereagan! Fingers crossed!

Just came back from the coop. Went over every bit I could reach (I'm short) with a long-handled brush -- inside and out of the coop and the run. Took a stick to the parts I couldn't. It now looks like some blizzaro sort of Halloween cotton candy! ....but I left the cobwebs intact on it because it grabs onto them much better with that sticky, dusty surface.

Took a few go-rounds since there were things I couldn't see from the inside and things I couldn't see from the outside. But I'm pretty sure now that I got it all.

My plan is to give a quick go-round and touch up every 2 days for 2 weeks and then watch what happens.

Thanks for the tip, Noellereagan!

I continue to marvel at the amount of information that's available around here!

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