Coccidiosis or something else?


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Apr 29, 2011
I have 6 (down from 7) week old assorted chicks. I hatched them with my elementary school students (I post with a new issue or two every spring--thank you all for all the help). I am fairly sure they have cocci but I am seeking the opinions of the more experienced. Yesterday I noticed that one chick (a leghorn, I believe) was lethargic and very pasted up. While soaking the harded manure I noticed some blood in it and immediately thought cocci. I checked the others. One more (a barred rock) was pasted up--not as badly and no blood, but later I observed this one passing the runny, dark colored manure that I've read is associated with cocci. The others seemed OK but perhaps a little quieter than usual. I did not have these guys on medicated feed because the tiny hip urban chicken keeping store nearer my home doesn't stock it. I am now kicking myself for that pretty hard.

After some quick research I drove to the real feed store and got corid and medicated starter. Unfortunately the leghorn had died by the time I got back. I emptied and cleaned everything with bleach wipes and added the corrid to their water (1 tsp of 9.6% to the 1/2 gallon waterer). I also tried to eydropper them with mixed success and mixed some of the diluted corid into yogurt just to get the meds into them right away. Today I still have 6 living chicks and they seem much perkier. Someone is still passing dark runny manure but most of the poop I see is regular, brown and white, and well formed. The barred rock still seems a little lethargic and I have observed it lying down stretched out and breathing perhaps a little heavily. It pops up quickly if the others jostle it, however. I have seen everyone eat and drink on their own today.

My questions are:
1. Do you think it is coccidiois?
2. If not, what do you think killed the first chick and, most importantly, could it be something that could spread to humans? I am vigilant with hand washing and none of my students are touching the chicks, but I need to act with an abundance of caution.
3. Is there anything else I should be doing to treat the remaining chicks myself?
4. Everything I read seems to indicate that cocci does not pose any danger to humans. What about my dogs and my own flock of adult hens at home?

Thank you very much!

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