Cochin chick color question


9 Years
10 Years
Jan 24, 2010
Northeast Florida
Hmmmm, I am a bit confused now. I had a cochin chick that I guessed was splash. Then, I figured it was just a plain black after looking/comparing pics. However, at a week of age, the cochin's wing feather along the tip of the wing are coming in white. The rest of the wing feathers are coming in black. So, what color would this be? Is it actually a mottled color?
It will come in black if it works like my blue wyandottes. I have a black chick that is a month old with light flight feathers. It's the way i think the blue combination works in black. If you post a pic it would be easier to say. Mike
I'm having a hard time getting pics. The little guy just won't hold still!

I wasn't sure if the white feathers would grow back in darker. If so, then I guess he/she is just plain black

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