Cochin rooster or hen?


Mar 3, 2018
We have a beautiful solitary Cochin chicken. I cannot for the life of me sex this chicken. It has no spurs that I can find. It has a medium sized comb but the lady we got it from all the females had medium combs. It doesn’t have any large tail feathers. It does however crow. It was one of four but due to unfortunate circumstances it is the only one left and it’s very lonely. It follows us around and wants to come in the house. It needs friends but I want to sex it least I get more roosters.


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Thinking it is a roo, based on the crowing and the feathers, but can't tell for sure. I would get more hens for friends, the worst thing you can do is end up with more hens:)

I brought home a couple of ladies and the first thing my chicken did was his love dance. So he is indeed a very handsome rooster with three lovely ladies to protect and keep of my porch

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