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Aug 22, 2016
I am going to post pics of 4 Lavendar Orpingtons and 2 Lavender Ameraucanas. They are 11 and 10 weeks old, respectively. Two of them are larger than the other 4 and have combs and waddles. One of the ones with the combs and waddles is already trying to crow. I have looked at their feathers for hours trying to figure out if they are cockerels or pullets. They were sold to me as all pullets at the 1 & 2 week ages. Within a week I was calling the seller and telling her I thought I had some cockerels but she didn't think I had. I was explicit that I could not have any roosters, because I already had 2. So, I need to determine what these are and take back the soon to be roos. I hope you can help and I hope I took good enough pictures. They all look so much alike it's hard to tell them apart. Any help is appreciated.
Picture 1 - is one of the larger ones with comb and waddle
Picture 2 - barely has a comb starting with no waddles
Picture 3 - these 3 look so much alike I can't tell them apart. They barely, if at all, have a comb starting with no waddles. They, like the chick in picture 2 are much smaller.
Picture 4 - is the other large one with comb and waddle. It's always the first on the roost, and I THINK is my crower, but not fully sure.
If these aren't good enough I have another set of photos I can post. They are hard to get photos of since they are so busy.
Thank you


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That would be pic #4. Pic #1 has the same size comb and waddles, so that would be a boy, too? And the other 2 pics - were they too hard to tell?
Yes your photos are a bit confusing, so if you want to try for a few better ones it would help. Otherwise those with red combs and wattles at that age are generally males.

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