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    X2 Exactly. They will figure it out in time. With older chickens, they will go on strike a few days if you rearrange their coop during laying season, so I try to do any major changes during the winter.
    Welcome Lees and Chesterchook! [​IMG]
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    Lol - I guess I'm not that worried about ours.
    We like the speckled sussex and the brahmas best. Not too taken with the red sex links and the langshans, guess they don't really stand out from the flock if that makes any sense. Some of the others we just got last week so it's too soon to tell for some of them, though the cinnamon queen hen is very docile, the white leghorn hen is extremely flighty, and the welsummer hen has got a mean streak.
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    We used fake eggs from Hobby Lobby, the wood ones. If anyone would like to borrow them, let me know. We have 6 nest boxes, and placed one wood egg in each. We had a couple of soft eggs laid under the roost, and two or three regular ones laid on the floor of the coop, and one outside! Other than that, they all lay in the nest boxes. I think the one that was recently laid on the coop floor was because her favorite box was already being used, and she couldn't wait. They can be stubborn sometimes.
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    Chicken math....

    Beth tends to get nervous when I talk about how many chicks we need to hatch out next spring in order to get a few really good pullets and another good rooster. Then I remind her that the culls that don't sell, can be processed and bottled or frozen, and all will be right with the world. Then she is OK with it.

    Beth had chemo yesterday. Scans are scheduled for sometime in the next couple of weeks. Let's hope and pray that the tumors have been beaten back again.
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    Received my Colorado State Vet reports yesterday for the NPIP testing. No NPIP number though... I thought that was assigned at the same time???

    Also received my ALBC (American Livestock Breeds Conservancy) membership packet yesterday!
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    Just got an email back from the CO Vet people at CSU. They send in the NPIP participation report to the USDA quarterly. Those of us who just got tested should have our NPIP mumbers within a couple of months. (Of course, we are dealing with the Feds, so who know how long it will take.....)
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    Thx everyone. I'll give the fake eggs a shot!!!

    Anyone know of a livestock exchange central/eastern co??? We are still pretty new to co (2 years in march)
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    there is an auction in Calhan every Monday morning they have livestock as well as other things
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    Waving at everyone for the warm welcome! Thanks! I'm getting a bit embarrassed that my girls STILL have not even had ONE egg between them. Patience, NOT my strong point.

    Bees, If you are in CO, bees for me were pretty much a breeze, OK, maybe an understatement, but if I had 42 acres, I'd have many many hives! My experience with the garden/bees this year was amazing! First and foremost, I got CO bees. Mine came from Tim Brod out of Boulder area. I'm hoping to split my strong hive this year. I intentionally didn't rob a lot of honey so they would have a better chance of over-wintering. I have a bee blog if you are interested in my experience. I am still working on the last entry for the year about my processing the honey I did take.

    I'm also more than happy to help out with bees if anyone wants, I'm by NO means an expert for sure, but there are also some bee orgs around, though I didn't go that route, I just did my own research and found a couple good ones like this website online. One is a good one! Great help there! Plus you also don't have to do the Longstroth hives, you can do T-bar or Warren hives. More "natural" approach to beekeeping. I love being a beek.

    So, today I'm adding a light to my coop and also got my girls some new feed. I added a small bag of oyster shell, do I need more? What is the ratio for this? How much do they need? I'm going to cut up a pumpkin for them as well, but I like to keep those and roast them for dog treats, which my doggies love! Plus I'm making some cookies to send to my son who is in the navy and get his crew a big box of cookies. Can't have our boys out there with no cookies :)

    Nice to see everyone!

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