Colored Easter chicks/ducks... UPDATED WITH PICS!!!!!!!!!


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From Ideal. Does any other hatchery offer them? Does anyone order these?
I have an order in for 4 ducks and 4 Cornish x all colored for Easter.
I got 2 from the a few years ago, one purple = white rock male and one orange= buff rock male. Yep the orange one stayed orange well kinda LOL.
I got them coming in the last hatch b4 Easter they should ship on 4-8-09. I got 50 st. run RIR and the hatchery surprise choice 1(
please wish us Turkeys and Guineas
) coming from Cackle being shipped Monday!!!! 3-16-09 I can't wait, neither can DH and our 2 boys DS 4 and DS 9m.
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Jan 15, 2009
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NO, I didn't cancel the order, when I got them the mail lady told me they were illegal. I then confirmed it with the Dept. of Ag. $57 down the drain.

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