Colour Confusion


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Mar 23, 2014
New Zealand
Hi all.

I live in New Zealand, and have just finished my first breeding season. Going into winter here atm.

Have been doing heaps of research online to try find out as much as possible, and talking to other breeders ect.
I have hit a weird brick wall with a couple of breeders here, and their opinion on how some of the colour genetics work. Apparently here in NZ our genetics work different to everyone elses, and i can't apply genetic info/anything at all, that i learned from you good and very experienced people in the states.
However, upon my floating around, i have come to the conclusion that most breeders here have no idea about even the basic genetic stuff, like the bases the colours are all built on, extended black, birchen, wild type ect

But my main point of confusion at the moment, is in regard to lavender. I have come across a breeder that says her black birds she is breeding came about as a sport from her lavs when she used to breed those, and she only had lav birds, she wasn't breeding back to black.
To the extent of my knowledge, it should be impossible for two lav birds to breed a black shouldn't it? That's like breeding two splash birds and saying, i got a black bird.
Yet breeders here say that this often happens. I had never heard of it until recently, but it's got me really confused.
I tried asking them to explain how it happens, but they couldn't/wouldn't.

Can anyone help me out here? I'm getting really confused, and am trying to work out if despite all i have managed to dig up, these black sports from lavender birds can happen.


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