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Aug 8, 2015
One of my chickens started pecking my dominique on the comb and by the time she got separated out of the run a lot of damage was done. The little peak that sticks up off the top of a rose comb is 2/3's detached now and just holding on by a small 1/3 peace. It seems to be healing well and the peak doesn't seem to be dying from lack of blood flow (it's been 5 days). Now my concern is whether I should cut the rest of the tip off and let that heal before putting her back into the run because I'm worried if the same chicken that attacked her the first time sees it dangling she will go back to pecking her? Or should I try to put her back in the run and see how it goes? Also how long should I keep her out before putting her back in?


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I think from what you described the best to do would be to remove the dangling bit. Treat the wound and apply blu-kote before letting the hen loose with the rest of the flock, as they will be drawn to the blood and peck at the wound. If possible, I'd keep her separated until she's healed.

As for the bully hen, I'd remove her from the flock as well for a few days, so she'd drop a few rungs in the pecking order and hopefully mend her ways.

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