Combs and Maturity


13 Years
Mar 8, 2010
Mid-Coast Maine
Is it common for some birds to develop more quickly than others of the same breed?
I have 3 BR about 22 weeks old. In the past 2 weeks the combs and waddles on two of them developed rather quickly and are now much bigger and red.
The 3rd one still has a small and pale waddle and comb. She has now become the runt of the flock(I also have 3 RIR who are very developed)... Is this somewhat common?
For a bird to develop at a slower rate like this? She is now smaller as well. She was just like the other 2 BR until they all of a sudden grew/matured, and she has not... yet.
I hop she does soon because she does not seem happy as the immature runt.

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