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  1. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Made ya look! Happy early April Fools!

    Anyway, there is a real purpose of this thread. I got new chicks today. 33 of them and 5 goslings!
    I got them from Estes hatchery and they shipped out yesterday! I was expecting them until Friday so I was home alone with the kids when the post office called and I don't drive [​IMG] I had to call my MIL to ask her if she would drive out to get them and bring them to me, over an hour drive for her! But she did it, and I just love her [​IMG] The chicks arrived at the PO at 12:30pm, add timing huh?
    Why has no one ever told me that EE chicks are just the cutest chicks ever?! OMG I am totally in love.
    I ordered 27 chicks and they sent me 33.
    7 Cinnamon Queen pullets
    15 Salmon Faverolle Pullets (I ordered 12)
    11 EE pullets (I ordered 10)

    I also got the 5 Embden goslings

    My husband is coming home with fresh batteries for my camera and when he does I'll add real fuzzy butt pics [​IMG]
    There is this one EE chick that is just ADORABLE! Her head is all floofy and she has the biggest muffs and beard of any of the others. She is brown with chipmunk striping. I've already named her Fozzy because she reminds me of Fozzy Bear from the muppets.

    New layers, YAY! [​IMG] Maybe now I'll be able to keep up with the demand I have for eggs!

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    [​IMG] You got me! LOL I was expecting to see cute baby chicks at first! Then I was like...Um what is this about??? [​IMG]

    Can't wait for this April Fools Day! [​IMG]

    oh and you just gave me an idea......(evil laugh!).... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    OMG, you are sooo funny!! [​IMG]

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