Comparing the Topsy Turvey tomato planter with my other tomato plants.

I see them as a waste of money. All it is being used for is to grab in some people that don't have room for gardens.

See tomato plants that are hung up-side down will turn upwards to face the sun. The tomatoes will be small, I'm sure, because the limbs aren't strong enough to hold large tomatoes due to the fact they, the limbs, are turned upwards.

I hope this doesnt' sound confusing

But I myself will not waste any money on these things
I won one at work. put it together last weekend. We put 2 plants in there, tho. One just looked lost, had lots of room at mouth of planter.
will let you know how it grows. it is starting to turn upwards. i've had people tell me that they love theirs, but i 'll bet it doesn't look like the ones on TV...
Never tried the topsy turvy thingy but last year I did an experiment with five gallon buckets hanging from the roof of my greenhouse. The tomatoes I planted in them did not do as well as the tomatoes planted in the ground. Look at the root systems your tomatoes put out and you'll see why. On the other hand I had bumper crops of peppers from the ones I planted in upside down in buckets. So this year I have ALL of my peppers in buckets hanging from the roof of my greenhouse and they're doing very, very well.
We built one (same concept) and our traditional tomatoes did MUCH better. Even being on drip, the roots of the hanging tomato got too hot for it to do well. The plants in the ground did much better, which we attribute to the cooler soil and more room for root growth.
My daughter gave me two last year and they didn't do squat. I tried one more time this year and one split. Too much sun on the plastic. the tomatoes still look puny.
I made my own with normal haning planters and my grape and cherry tomatoes do well in them. I have them hanging out in the backyard the kids like being able to grab a healthy snack while out playing in the woods. I plant herbs on the top side of the planter so I don't waste any growing space!

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