Concealed weapons class?

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Jun 5, 2009
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A little place here in our town just started offering a concealed weapons licensing class.

What would that do for me?

If I had a handgun, I could carry it in my purse or a holster?

Would it have to be concealed or could I just lay it on the seat of my car?

What's the difference between owning a handgun and being able to conceal it?


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Nov 23, 2009
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That's what it means around here... otherwise your weapon must be in plain sight, and of course you can't take it into a myriad of places... like Kroger... because they sell beer...
'cuz don'tcha know all the ones planning to rob the place are going to holster their weapon. Actually I was there once when someone tried to take a buggy full of T-bone steaks out... piled a good 8" high in the buggy, then tossed their windbreaker over top and tried to just stroll out. Morons.

When I looked it up the place nearest us that offered the class had a site of their own that explained all about it... do a google and see what you find.


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Apr 14, 2009
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Different laws for different states.

If you take the class (it's like a hundred bucks here) they will teach you all the laws that you need to know.

After the class, if you want to, you can submit like a hundred fifty more bucks and your fingerprints to the Feds, to get your actual permit to carry.


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Oct 5, 2009
Central, N.C.
Me and the DW both have had extensive background checks and our prints are registered with the Federal Government due to previous contracts that we had transporting bulk mail for the P.O. When we got our CCW's back in 07' they would not accept them due to them not being updated within 30days of the CCW application and being a different dept. than the one we were registered with.

When we got ours, the cost were as follows...

1)$60.00ea...for the 8hr. required class
2)$90.00ea...CCW application and license
3)$15.00ea...fingerprinting and background check

In N.C. the CCW is also your pistol permit. If I go to the gun store and want a pistol, all I have to do is present my CCW to the clerk. There is no background check and I don't have to have a permit for each pistol.


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Jan 12, 2010
Get to know your state laws as they're all different.

If you're planning on carrying a pistol, even if only open carry, knowing gun laws and what is considered acceptable behavior and gun handleing on your part may keep you alive and out of jail! A class is definatly well worth it, if all it does is just make you smarter and a better, safer gun handler.

I also would never recommend anyone carry a cw in a purse... it's too easily removed from your person. There are fany packs or consealed holsters, that will keep your side arm far more secured.

I will put my side arm under an arm rest or wedged between the seats when riding in the car so it's still consealed but reachable.

Krogers... depends on whether or not 50% of their sales are in alcohol ... in MI anyway... same with resturants. I know the laws are continuously evolving.. there's talk about allowing cwc even then as long as the carrier isn't drinking... which makes sence to me.

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