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Jul 5, 2011
So, I have read over and over about a male goose thinking you are his girlfriend.......I am thinking it has something to do with trying to mate with his this right? And.....does he do this by attacking, or........

I am on the right track?

Also....I have read that males are more outgoing and females are more this true? For all breeds?

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Oct 3, 2009
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I can only answer to the gander issue, I have a 4 year old Emden gander, hatched here by a muscovy hen, I had alot of interaction with him all his life and I can tell you he'd bite me in a minute, he is so protective of his mama that if you get anywhere close to her he is ready to defend. My grandkids cannot be out with him unless I am with them because I really think he'd get one in a second. He is gentle most of the time and hangs out with all of us when we are outside, but you have to be on guard because you just never know when he'll bite. He is quite obsessive about his mama, we always back him up when he starts acting dominant, and never let him get away with biting, I just think alot of his behaviour is his being a goose. I have always feed him from my hand and alot say thats a nono, but he is very gentle when taking food from me. He will aways be here because I love him to pieces and the way he looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes just like he understands what I'm saying. You just have to do research and decide which would be the best one for your family. I've heard that females are shyer and males friendlier.


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May 6, 2009
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In my experience, Males are the first one to check things out and make sure everything is ok for the flock. I raised my embdens like I raised my ducks, lots of handling, and they have never once tried to attack me but they try to go after everyone else. My americans I have raised a lil differently, I have not babied them like I do ducks and they still come and get treats and come and talk to me when I go out to visit with everyone so I am hoping they will be a lil more courteous to strangers.


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Mar 6, 2011
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I have one male Embden that loves me. he rubs his head on my leg and will untie my shoes if I stop long enough. kinda funny really my two other males have a killer instinct. they reach through the fence and try and grab you anywhere they can reach. the odd part is if your inside the pen they don't try and bite.


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Jan 25, 2009
central Florida
I have a pair of Embdens and they haven't tried to bite.....yet. They are young and haven't had the breeding urge yet, so we'll see. The gander is definitely more friendly than the female though. I have never fed them out of my hand and they don't willingly let me pick them up, but they come close, very close, especially if I have a slice of white bread. And, if I sit down and get on their level they will come up and be very inquisitive.


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Apr 2, 2010
I have a mated pair of Embdens. The male is more vocal but the female is much more friendly. Where she will eat from my hand, he stands back and lets her make the first move then comes in for a nibble but still maintains his distance. She leads the way when grazing and he follows.

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