Congested pullet - sneezing and stuffy for at least 1 week

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    Nov 4, 2008
    Hello all,
    I had to swap a pullet for a cockeral and brought her home from a reputable guy who had lots of chickens. She seemed healthy and spry at his farm, but started sneezing in the car. We think maybe the A/C bothered her.
    However, her stuffy nose has continued. Her face is less crusty than it was, never had yellowish mucus, just snot. Now when i pick her up i can hear some fluid and congestion in her breathing and peeping. She acts healthy and spry, keeps her tail up most the time and has acclimated to my original 3 hens (or shall i say they acclimated to her) eats and drinks normally.
    i do not want to spread illness.... i've been putting vitamins in their water and feeding the sick girl raw garlic.
    Does anyone have any advice? should i do antibiotics? Is this a sign of something serious? Any other home remedies to try before going down the antibiotic road?

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