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May 16, 2014
We need to re-home our four remaining chickens (Hens). We are moving shortly due to a new job opportunity which will make us unable to care for our chickens. The other problem is the chickens main coop and run were destroyed earlier in the year by a freak hurricane that hit our town. The hens are currently living in an old doghouse I converted to a coop with a makeshift run. This will not be suitable conditions once winter comes.

We are located in Southbury CT and will travel to and/or meet half way.

Chickens: 2 barred rocks. 1 americana. 1 australorp.
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Apr 10, 2018
New York State
I used to live in CT but I moved to New York.... it's a bit closer than other peeps, but I don't know if I have the time and effort to make it. I'll let you know in a PM if I'm interested. :)
Are they used for eggs, pets, or meat? Are they fine with other chooks and kids(10-12 years old)? Thank you! :thumbsup

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