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    Well...Dorothy was never the most feminine character on the show! Lol I'm sorry you haven't had very good luck with the pullet bin. I would give them some more time before deciding for sure. All chicks do the play fighting and chest bumping. Not just boys.

    I hope Danz is doing ok today. I am still praying for her and her family.
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    If you only have one hen and three roosters, that maybe your problem! You need to get some more hens, and get rid of a couple roosters. Those males are riding you little hen to much, that is why she is losing feathers on her back.
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    [​IMG] Welcome sunshine!

    Busy day! This evening I went out to mist the duck eggs in the bator and whoa! there was a kink in my auto humidifier line. Good grief. The humidity was down to 20% -- my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw that. So I got that fixed, misted the eggs and humidity came back up and seems like everything's working fine again. Sheesh. [​IMG]Anyway, I candled one of the eggs and saw the little thing moving around in there so I felt much better after that. I'm so glad I mist those eggs three times a day or I maybe wouldn't have caught the kinked line till morning. Oh well, I am learning that things can go wrong to a certain extent and the eggs will still hatch.

    I'm hand feeding the Aloha chicks and the Ancona ducklings now. They are so cute. Our youngest DD takes growth hormone shots to help her grow, so she is not only the youngest but she's also very small for her age. I told her I thought since she was the smallest kid she ought to get to choose the name for the smallest duck all by herself. She was just so thrilled and mulled things over and finally settled on a name. She named it Kiki! So now I feel like I'm calling a cat but it's all good. DD was so proud to be chosen, it's totally worth it. Now we need names for the other two so we'll see what the kids come up with.

    The bunnies have been named Dotty and Shadow. They met a couple of bantam chicks today during their run-around-on-the-coop-floor with the kids time. The bunnies were so excited over seeing new creatures. The chicks, not so much but tolerated them well.

    Tweety, LOVED the pics! I need to get with it and get some of our newest members.

    Danz, praying for you.
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    Karen-Cute story about your littlest daughter naming one. The kids get so much enjoyment out of the birds and they learn so much, too.

    Danz-Just thinking of you right now.[​IMG]

    Last I checked I had 6 bantam partridge wyandottes hatched and several more pipped. I hope I have a good hatch by morning. The only thing I don't like about my old, old, hatcher is it doesn't have a see-through door.

    My little wheaten ameraucana I took away from the broodies was looking pretty good in there. I will leave it in the hatcher until morning, then it can come out with some of the wyandottes. I was happy to see it sitting up. I couldn't even hold it's head up when I picked it up, and it couldn't begin to walk. Hope it makes it.
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    I'm so very sorry about your birds! I don't have any silkies for sale, and likely won't until Fall when I can see what mine turn out looking like. There is ChooksChick here (Thread Starter) that has silkies. I don't know if she has any started birds for sale, though. ChickenDanz also has silkies, but don't know what she has available, either. :) So there are a few of us that have them.

    No problemo! The Peepers are working out great for me! Ummm... the 1 hen and 3 roosters you mentioned--- are they the silkies?? If that is the case, you may not be dealing with a pecking issue, but a Rooster issue. In which case, you'll need an apron for her back, and probably need to separate out two of those roosters from her. The general rule of thumb is like 5-10 hens per one rooster. Just sayin', that would be the most obvious solution. [​IMG]

    Sorry you haven't been feeling well. :( That's not good odds on your bin selection. I got two roosters last year out of Atwoods bin-- granted, it was the bantam and they can't sex them. But 50% odds would say I'd have a girl, too. AH well. I wonder if it's an Ideal Hatchery issue?? I bought my first round of chicks at Meyers and none turned out to be boys. But I sure do hear a lot of Ideal birds turning into boys. Maybe the people sexing them aren't as good as the people at other hatcherys..??? [​IMG] BTW, that's my own far-fetched guess, so who knows.
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    X2!!! Oops! You got to it first, I was just responding to the last page and didn't see this page yet. I AGREE!!!!!
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    That is a great story about the naming of the littlest. I've wondered how bunnies and chickens would do together. I really couldn't see there would be a big problem, so that's neat that they are getting along.

    Congrats on your wyandottes!! I bet they are cute! I hope the other chick makes it!
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    Day 2 of my DH being home from the Spirit/Boeing tornado damage thing. We're going to take the Littles to preschool, show him where I grab my favorite coffee and run some errands and have lunch together. I'm so excited! I never get to spend a day with him with no kids!! We're going to get pavers to lay in a path up to my chicken coop. It's a mucky muddy mess walking up to it. This should solve my sinking into the ground issues. [​IMG]
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    If they are roos, then we'll have to rehome them. Don't really have a choice about that, unfortunately. I'd be more than happy to let you know if I get a black roo! I'm pretty sure at least one of them will be black. She has 4-5 different colors and I'd love to a different color of each - easier for me to tell them apart. Yeah, Lavander is one of them on her list, the others were black, blue, splash, and blue partridge. I really have no preference cuz after looking at all the pictures on google, they looked all adorable!!

    Chickenut: There is a group on facebook that is dedicated to selling poultry here in Kansas. A lot of us on are there, so you should ask around there! I'm not sure if Chooks has adults for sale or not.
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    I did like a million multi-quotes, but forget about it [​IMG]Lol.

    Almost all my family is SE Wichita or Andover, so this was a stressful week. Had no idea of anything here until the next day when they all started checking in to say they were okay and I was like [​IMG]

    My mom lives just north of Spirit. There is a tape from a stormchaser vehicle on Youtube where they are sitting by Oliver/MacArthur as it passes. Someone watching their live feed tried to get damage video later and couldn't figure out why a "factory" and it's debris were under guard. [​IMG] All I can say is flashbacks of '91. [​IMG] I feel bad for those hit, but I'm grateful it didn't traipse through Andover.

    Someone mentioned looking for brown leghorns??? I test single comb brown leghorns for a family that shows them. Don't know anything really about the breed myself, but can give you contact info if you want to check with them to see what they have available.

    Anybody wanting pinless peepers (fabulous for that one or two who can't manage to keep their beaks to themselves) Randall Burkey that Hawkeye mentioned has free shipping through Apr 18th. There is also a gal on Ebay who sells them. It's like $4.05 for the first set of 5, but only $2.35 for each additional set.

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