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  1. Ivywoods

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    Sep 28, 2010
    Hiawatha, KS
    It's official. I am certified and lisensed chicken/crazy/psyco.

    We picked up my cages. I found these on craigslist. I didn't need them but thought, "oh, wouldn't it be nice...." Talked to Checoukan on the phone and showed them to her on craislist. I couldn't justify getting them with a move coming up sometime in the next year. Checoukan said, "Just think of how much stuff you could pack in there to move..." It's your fault, Rosie. You are an enabler!

    Anyway, they are big... 8feet long and 6 feet high and there are two units of 6 cages each for a total of 12 pens. Nice large size. I knew they were big. Okay... we took a trailer to haul them. I did NOT think about how HEAVY they would be! The only people there to load them were me, the seller's daughter, who had recently had a C-section about the same time I had my bones replaced with titanium, and my DH, who not that long ago had some magic slinky thing put in his main coronary artery to keep it from plugging up with sewage.

    So if we had just taken a few minutes to study the situation we could have made it a lot easier on ourselves. I love my DH to pieces. He goes along with my crazy, impulsive, whimsical ideas without complaint, but he IS a bull in a china closet some times. He immediately starts muscling this thing around to get the first one on the trailer. We managed to get it tipped up on its end on the trailer. A second or two after the thing is up on the trailer (I have no idea how many hundred pounds!) one of the steel gates came crashing down and hit me right on the head and then banged into my back. I was seeing stars and my ears were ringing. It's a wonder it didn't knock me right down on the ground. I politly excused myself from the activities for a few minutes. You know, I almost never hurt myself. I take time to look things over and am pretty careful with a good deal of common sense. Trouble is, some of that common sense just doesn't come to the front when you are on pain medicine. Drugs put common sense in the compost pile of the cranium.

    After the head banging we realized it would be VERY simple to just remove all of the doors and a good deal of the plywood. Heck, it wouldn't have been very difficult at all to just disassemble the whole thing. A few bolts was all that held the thing together. We got the second one loaded with much less "headache" and then realized the whole thing was probably too tall to make it back out the barn door. We managed to squeak it out with 1/2 inch clearance.

    The trip home wasn't the most comfortable. The thing was wobbling with every gust of wind and bump in the road. We ended up stopping at Orscheln's in Louisburg, KS (Nice place!) to get some extra bolts that were missing and some extra rope to secure it. It was pretty solid then and we were able to sail home with a tailwind most of the way.

    After beaning my noodle with a steel gate my ears were ringing the whole way home. I guess there's more than one way to make yourself "dingy."

    Here's the monsters, still on the trailer and probably NOT going to be unloaded tonight.
    In this picture they are sitting on their ends. All the gates are removed and most of the plywood flooring is off and staked in between the two units. When they stand up on their wheels they are just over 6 feet high and 8 feet long each. There are two levels of pens, so when upright the floor level of the top one is just over 3 feet high, which is a really nice height to work.
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    Jun 13, 2010
    Admire, KS
    Those look really cool. Painful, but cool. You paint a funny picture of the happenings of the afternoon. I hope your ears stop ringing.

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    Jul 25, 2011
    Winfield, KS
    Oh my gosh IVY, you sound like me, I'm always doing something like that. You're lucky your DH goes along with your ideas, mine may go along but boy do I hear about it later if things don't work out the best. He tells me that I'm always getting him into things. Well yeah I'm just like the rest of you that see things that could be used for chickens & get in over my head sometimes. One time I found this huge dog house, it was like 8 ft square & heavy as all get out. We drove to Augusta to get this thing, borrowing a friend's trailer. When we got there the guys there had winched the thing up on a flat trailer & we could see after looking that it wasn't going to fit on the trailer we had, it was too wide & there was a railing on it. My DH said he couldn't fathom how we could get it off there once we got it home anyway even if we did manage to get it on the trailer, so we left it & came back home. At any rate, I'm glad you're OK, you probably got a mild concussion out of that adventure. The cages do look really nice though!
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    Yeah, it does make a difference that it's a roo chasing you. When I was reading that I was having a SUPER hard time trying to picture a little pullet silkie chasing you all! LOL But a roo silkie-- they can be pretty darned fiesty. I've got three of them, and all 3 will go for blood if you're not watching. Even my beloved Zorro (my oldest silkie roo) has drawn blood on me, and he's my favorite and a real cuddler when he's not "defending" his ladies. But when you walk in and they think you are encroaching on their ladies, they'll tell you about it.
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    Oh Ivy-- that thing is gorgeous!!! I LOVE it!! I can't wait to see what it looks like all put together! Now, that is something I would love to have! What did they use to build that thing? So sorry about your head. Please keep an eye on yourself. I've had my share of concussions and sometimes you don't notice you're not doing well until a couple of hours later. Then again, it sounds like you're just like me and would just forge right on ahead regardless. One morning back when I was living at home, I was loading my horses into the trailer by myself and it was wet and dark out. I was trying to unhinge a loaded spring handle and I was holding a lead rope at the same time. The horse pulled back a bit and my hand slipped on the handle and the spring shot it right into my face. I was knocked out cold and my parents found me layed out next to the trailer with my horse nearby. BUT... crazy me, I got up and finished loading the horses and did my rodeo that day regardless-- an all day event. Came home and realized I was in bad shape and nearly ready to puke. Went to the Dr next day and found out I had BROKEN the bone under my eye (don't remember the name of it). There were bone shards swimming around under the skin of my cheek for years, but they've settled now. Not to mention the heavy duty concussion I had. I rode barrels and ran my horses like crazy that day-- super idiotic! I can't believe I was that bull headed. Now, I would have cried Uncle and said it's not worth it. Must be getting smarter as I age. Anyway--- pay attention if your head still hurts tomorrow!! Wow, I knew I had a point in there somewhere....LOL

    Trish, that is crazy that the women wanted a rabbit in exchange for her pens when she never said anything ahead of time. Seriously, are people insane?! Can you post some more baby bunny pictures?? I need a bunny fix. :)

    I'm such a mess, I accomplished not much of anything at all today. I started a lot of things and finished nothing. Sigh. Maybe I have something like 'Project ADD'. [​IMG]
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    Jul 25, 2011
    Winfield, KS
    Hawkeye, yeah I know after reading Karen's story & then hearing that from my friend today I just think people are insane, it must be going around. I'll try to get some bunny pics tomorrow when it's light, they'll turn out better. So far the 6 little Chinchilla babies are hanging in there. I went out & checked on them this evening & when I put my hand in the box feeling around for them in that cloud of hair they started squealing & jumping around, so they at least are active. Maybe momma is going in to feed them when I'm not looking because she sure isn't in there when I go out. The babies are tiny right now & they're just black with no hair. If I can get a shot of them without upsetting momma tomorrow I will. The other two are just adorable that are hopping around now in the cage. The black otter one is so darned cute, I don't know yet if it's a female or a male, but it gets curious when I come up to the cage & talk to it & comes over to the door. It's amazing how young they start eating food, as soon as they come out of the nest really they start eating with momma regular rabbit food & hay & that's at about 2 weeks of age.
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    Aug 12, 2009
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    My Coop

    Ivy, those cages of yours actually look very similar to the ones I posted in the link for Trish the other day, except I think there is only of this and the dimensions are a little different. This looks like an amazing buy and even though I don't have an immediate use, if I had the means to pick them up I'd be on this in a hurry! Who is it that lives in McPherson - Cherwill? That's where these are located so this would be an awesome buy especially for a local. They're still listed tonight so maybe they're still available?
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    Jun 27, 2010
    McPherson, KS
    Sapphire, your poor boy! I hope his head's not hurting too much. I love Karen's description of your Silkies -- they DO look like they just got out of bed. So cute.

    Sharol, Butch sure is pretty.

    Ivy, your story is hilarious, only because I can see myself doing the same thing. I can hurt myself doing nothing at all, I think. [​IMG]

    We planted some annuals in pots today, but for some reason DH and I both felt "off" most of the day. I think we're taking a long time recovering from our colds; we were just tired and fuzzy headed. Especially DH since he's rarely affected by anything for more than three days.
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    May 22, 2011
    Columbus, Ks.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. Hawkeye95

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    Checoukan/Ivy..... Does anyone know about injured feathes growing back in partially white? I had a couple of Polish I was going to have my son show for our county fair when their tail feathers came back in. These are my hatchery birds, and I know they aren't near as nice as the ones I grew up with, but two of them aren't really too bad. BUT-- they had their tail feathers plucked out and now because I'm using the Pinless Peepers on the big birds-- those tails are growing back in! Except that some of them are coming in with white spots. I was reading about injured feathers coming in with white on them. Do you think it's actually a genetic problem with the bird... or is this because of the injuries they had from having their tails plucked out for weeks?? Sigh. I should have put more thought into not buying hatchery birds when I KNEW we were going to show these. But I really do think a couple of them are pretty decent. I was reading on another site where people will use hair dye to cover up injured feathers... Good idea, bad idea? I don't want to misrepresent my birds, but if it's really an injury spot..?? It's probably too much to hope that they will molt right before the show and have all their feathers come in perfect in time for the show! LOL (It's in August)

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