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    I haven't anything against the vaulted skulls, really- there are very valid arguments on both sides of the philosophy...but I know my luck, and a bird with a partially unprotected brain in my care is at a higher risk of something occurring, so I'm just being cautious. I do think I'll go count girls vs. boys with vaults, just out of curiosity, though!!
    Seriously, maybe leaving kids toys in the road will help! I'm just furious with these asshats that drive like that. It's sooooo bad. I knew a girl who had not one, but 2 major wrecks on gravel roads when we were growing up, with over 100 stitches in the face with each wreck- and it was due to speed on gravel with poor visibility. Perhaps when I hear her roaring down the road next time that lady will get a bouncy rubber ball in the vicinity, rolling down the drive.

    We don't have little kids in the area, but how the heck does that really make a difference? The speed limit on residential roads out there isn't 70, that's too sure!!
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    I am an evil person I guess. When someone goes flying by here I think, "I wish you'd flip!" I don't want any one to get hurt but maybe if they total a vehicle or two it would teach them to slow down. Years ago when I was a police officer there was a certain young man that always came blasting down the street in front of my house. I had tiny little kids then. I waited and sure enough one day while I was on duty I saw his car. I just flipped on the overheads and stopped him. I didn't call it in. So I walked up to this kid and of course he was confused about why he got stopped. I explained to him in a very calm voice that I would deny we ever had the conversation. But that I had small children and so did my neighbors. I explained where I lived, and told him if he ever hit any of them I would personally come and take his life. I also explained not to be surprised if I blew his tires out while he was speeding down my street. I could have gotten fired for that, but after that he just creeped down my block at like 10 mph. It must have been a year later he came looking for me in tears. He had a 2 year old niece who had been hit by a speeding car and killed. He thanked me for ripping him and said he wished someone had had the same talk to the guy that hit his niece. It was a sad story in the end but I am sure that guy has done his own fair share of preaching to speeders.
    It's a shame people just don't think about the consequences of their crazy driving. I feel sorry for the first persons that hits one of my animals speeding by here. I may not physically harm them but they will know they have been ripped by an ultra be-atch. That is one principle reason I want to get a fence put up across the front of the property. I keep spending my fence money for other stuff!!.
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    Oooh, I've already drawn up a "pedigree" chart of sorts on my Corel Draw program. The other breeders have said they made up their own or use online forms. They told me what things they are looking for and what blanks they have. I have made mine up very similar to theirs to try to keep track of everything. I already have a sheet for the birds i have now. It lists their hatch date, color, gender, breeder they came from, whether or not they are vaulted or non, toe separation, and probably a couple other things I'm forgetting and then I have a "Comments" section at the bottom where I can list other concerns like spilt wing or anything that might crop up. I want to make a page for Shows they have been in and what they've won, but I'll get around to it. As for the vaulted skulls-- it should NOT matter in the least whether your bids have them or not. Besides, you can't tell by looking at them if they have a vault or not. You would have to part the crest and dig in there to look! I didn't even know that my Black pullet was vaulted until I gave her a bath a few weeks back! That was quite a surprise to me! Her vault when wet with all the crest slicked back with water was very apparent at that point. She has a nice even crest, so you'd never guess, and honestly, her crest is "Medium" and not nearly as large as some of the other birds I've seen the breeders post! So that there just proves that a vault does not mean you will get a larger crest by default. BTW, the SOP calls for a "Medium" crest... but the judges do seem to like them bigger than that. It isn't SOP, but obviously, it's left up to interpretation by the judge himself. There is absolutely nothing in the Standard that calls out a vault as being desired. Sorry about that, because that stinks!!! And furthermore... how would he even know without really manhandling the crest to look for it??

    Danz, maybe you can have your sister come over too to help you pull weeds? Having two working together should go faster and be more fun for the both of you. I'm glad you are spending time with your dad, I'm sure he really appreciates that. I can see where you'd be ticked about the paying for the materials when that wasn't what you had expected. Yeah, not worth a fight, but irritating non the less. Maybe you can have him help with the feed or a couple of other things to balance it out and leave it at that. I sure hope your fancy birds and game birds make you some money, too!! I think it's exciting!! It would be great if you could build that barn you want. [​IMG]

    Yes, agreed on the points on both sides of the vault.. hehehe!!! Honestly, I think if people simply culled for the look of the crest regardless of the vault, none of this would matter anyway. You'd end up with both, but equally nice looking crests.

    How about putting a card board box in the middle of the road? If they ran over it, it wouldn't hurt the car, or themselves, but it would might make them more cautious going over a blind hill. Maybe that's too terrible, though, I don't know. But soooo tempting!!
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    Chooks, I don't blame you for wanting to put something in the road to slow people down. We have the same thing on our dirt road, people drive like it's the Indy 500 here & right past the next house east of us is a humongous big hill that people come flying over, it's just crazy. Our house is aways from the road & up over the hill, so we don't see it like our neighbors do, but they both tell me that it's awful the way people drive out there. I do hear them sometimes, but we're insulated because of the hill. Thank goodness there are no small children that get out in the road here. The Dr. that lives across the road from us has 6 kids, but their house is back from the road a bit too thankfully, she is an OB GYN here in town. They have plenty of acreage to play on, but just think if they wanted to ride their bikes out there. People are just certifiable, that's all there is to it. Good for you Danz, that kid deserved what he got when you lit into him!

    Well the first order of chicks came today, so I was up bright & early moving things around in the garage & getting the new brooder set up. I got them home & I'll post some pics later on. They all seem very healthy & are eating, drinking, & running around in there. They sure had them packed into that box tight, boy they couldn't have moved much if they wanted to, poor little things. They had a heat pack in the box & gel to eat, so they did great. They were hungry by the time they got here though, since it took two days for them to get here & they started hitting the food as soon as I put in down for them. They're so darned cute! I can't wait for the others to get here Friday.

    KarenS, I forgot to say congrats on getting your coop done, now we need some pics!
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    Hi all I am also from SE Kansas. Just getting started raising chicks in our backyard. In the city limits we can have mixed flocks of up to 15 birds. We are in the process of building the ladies and gentleman a mansion of a coop lol.

    We have 1 - jersey giant roo, 2 - Ameracauna pullets, 2- barred rock pullets, 3- silver laced wyandotte pullets, 2- polish crested 1- white crested black / 1- golden, and 1 little bantam that I have no clue on type. He/she is a greyish color with furry feet and a peach colored feather coming in so maybe we will get lucky and have a porcelain. So right now we are at 11 chicks of various ages from 4weeks to 1.5 weeks. I have enjoyed reading about everyone's flocks and can't wait till our girlies start laying. : )
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    [​IMG] Welcome queenbigears! You have a lovely assortment of chicks! My oldest ones are 12 weeks tomorrow and I'm excited about getting closer to laying age too! Can't wait. I have 4 EE pullets and am hoping for some blue/green eggs from those girls. I got my first chicks the early part of February, but I got lots of them. Right now I have about 140 birds. There are approx 90 of the 12 week olds and approx 50 4 week olds. It's amazing how fast they grow! It's almost like you can see their little wings coming in! Anyway, welcome, this is a great group of chicken lovers!

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    [​IMG] queenbigears! We're a friendly bunch here, feel free to jump in any time. We chat about a little of everything here besides chickens. Whereabouts in KS are you? We also have a Kansas Poultry Swap site on FaceBook where we have different types of poultry & equipment for sale or trade. Here is the link for that in case you might be looking for something now or in the future or want to sell something: There is a wealth of information on BYC about just about any topic on chickens or other poultry you could be looking for.
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    Nah, you're not evil, but what an excellent illustration about speeding. It's too bad that he had his niece killed by a speeding car, but you may have saved any number of lives by having that chat with him. And yeah, I bet he passes that along.

    WELCOME to the Kansas thread and [​IMG]!! So glad you've joined us! Your first egg will be really exciting! :)

    So i've been outside and have worked on the lawn a bit and have sanded and started painting the window for my brother's coop. I just haven't worked on it at all lately! Sheesh, what a procrastinator I am! That thing should have taken me two weeks to build, IF that. Took a break, the Littles were hungry and got everyone fed. Need to get back out there and finish the window. Hope everyone is having a great afternoon, it's getting pretty hot, though! Shows 92 degrees??? [​IMG]
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    Grrr... nothing I hate worse than a salesman coming up to my house when I'm home with the kids. Fortunately, all my neighbors are out mowing their lawns and I had just been over to talk to them, and they were watching. BUT... a white SUV full of people drive up to my house a minute ago. A young girl about 20 jumps out to talk to me and there in the truck looks to be like 2 or 3 scary looking men in there with her. She says she is a Kirby rep and hands me a candle and a slip of paper. I then tell her I have no need for any of her services. She keeps persisting and I finally tell her I have hardwood floors and leather furniture (which is true). So then she asks if I have rugs, and I'm pretty tired of her by then, so instead I turn the tables and tell her about how bad it is to have carpet in your house, and what carpet can hold and how dangerous it is and how you shouldn't even have area rugs and you should never wear your shoes in the house and on and on and I was telling it to her like SHE should not be doing those things and she grabbed the candle out of my hands and jumped back into the SUV and they headed over to my neighbors house. I was doing my mean-lecture thing (a lot of it bunk-- I don't care if you have carpet) to her because SERIOUSLY, you think I'm going to let these gangster looking men into my house-- even if I did have carpet!?! I'm so upset about people just thinking they can just drive up into my drive and do that. ARGH. I was out hooking up my garden hose to my mister for the chickens and no where near my house and the kids are playing right next to me.
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    I thought I'd share a funny duck story.

    So, my two Pekin ducklings turned 6 weeks old this past Monday. I started letting them outside during the day last week. I had given them water in one of the 1+ gallon ice cream containers. They'd been outside for a while and went to go get a drink. The lead duck walked around to the opposite side of the dish as the "follower" duck. The follower duck moved closer to the lead duck, and the lead duck moved a little farther away. This continued until they were running around the water bowl at full speed!


    Another story:
    Wal-Mart FINALLY decided to stock kiddie pools, so I was finally able to bring a kiddie pool home for my ducks. The first day they were in it, they got out of it when I was trying to catch them but hadn't gotten out of it otherwise, despite the fact that I had a couple bricks in there to assist. The one duck decided s/he was hungry and so reached over the side for some grass. However, his/her neck just wasn't QUITE long enough. :) Needless to say, when I saw this, I went out and helped them out. However, I thought it was funny and worthy of being shared:

    And, finally, a cute picture just because:

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