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    Holy Crow-- this stuff has 32.25% protein in it! I will probably check it out... but right now when she's super fat and I might have over done her on the BOSS, I think she might need to just stick with the layer feed for a while. But I'll keep that in mind if I ever need to get a bird in shape! It does say it firms up the poop, I like that!
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    Jun 27, 2010
    McPherson, KS
    Chooks, thanks for the info. As far as people driving like maniacs, it's stupid for so many reasons. My parents lost a 2 yo child to a speeding motorcycle driver. To take that kind of risk is incredible, and they don't save nearly as much time as they think. Unless you're driving a hundred miles or so, you're only going to shave, what, a minute or two from your time? NOT WORTH THE RISK. I say give them a talking to every chance you get.

    Queenbigears and Chris, welcome. Queen, your flock sounds like a nice mix of birds. As someone said earlier, we love pictures!

    Lizzy, the duck stories and pictures are great. It's so fun to see the different personalities. DH and I are still getting a kick out of having watched young Blanche let the new girls know just who's in charge.

    Tweety, the new jewels are cuties!

    Pikeman, I hope tomorrow's a better day. Take it easy and let your body heal itself.
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    Feb 28, 2012
    I used to have foxes (pet cast-offs). They are such neat creatures. Their "whooooop...whoooop" cracks me up. Sometimes I will call out here and get a reply from a wild fox nearby. I can certainly understand why some people don't want all these varmints around, but I sure do enjoy them when they're not causing trouble.
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    KarenS/Sapphireblu- Is that what that loud whooping sound is at night!?!? Foxes??!!!!??? We have tons of them, they are out late, late, late at night when I go out to turn off the last of the outside lights and the garage light. I always wondered what on earth that racket was, they are sooooo loud!

    queenbigears/cityhick- Welcome to the kansas thread!!!!

    Pikeman- Take it easy and hope you feel better tomorrow.

    Chooks- After you are done giving that lady the two four you could come to my house and roll balls into the gravel road. We have a couple highschoolers that come by on four wheelers going like 80 and I am so scared they are going to crest a hill and get creamed by a car going 70 from the other direction. [​IMG]

    Tweety-Super cute silkie babies. I am sure Renee told you but be extra careful with the waterer with a spraddle leg chick, they can lose their balance and fall in face first and drown, even in a regular chick waterer. I use the plastic quail waterer base for ailing chicks. I know it is unlikely but I have lost one chick that fell into a shallow chick waterer bottom and drowned. It was tragic.

    Hawkeye- If you sell that cute little splash silkie you let me know!!! I love that hen of yours, she is just gorgeous. I just have bbs silkies for pets and fun. I have always had a soft spot for the splash silkies since my favorite hen Uno. I lost her last summer to heat exhaustion.

    Sorry if I missed anyone!!! Have a good night everyone!
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    Dec 12, 2011
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    Just caught up with everyone but it's late and I'm beat. DH got the electric fence going and the kids and I moved all the keeper birds to the coop. I have 22 birds out there right now but will be checking to make sure I didn't leave any essential birds out or keep the non-essentials. I stayed out there with them while they acclimated just watching to see that everything was all good. It took them forever to venture a toe out on the concrete patio, but some of them finally made it to the grass. It was great to see. They are 12 weeks old now and getting so big. I loved watching them get used to their new place.

    DD did take the pics for me but I didn't remember to ask her where she put the camera card b4 she went to bed. Sorry guys, it'll have to wait till tomorrow. It sure feels good to have them finally in their coop with access to grass. Nest boxes and a little paint and then I'm going to decide whether I must have a covered run. The birds are getting big enough I don't think the hawks will bother them? Do hawks go for LF?

    Of course, now I'm planning my breeder pens for the Alohas.

    [​IMG] Welcome cityhick! Can't wait to see your pics tomorrow. I love pics. [​IMG]

    Pikeman, get well soon!

    Who mentioned Chicken Annie's? My great grandfather (now deceased) used to live in Girard and we loved to visit and eat at Chicken Annie's! Are they still open?

    I forgot to say how darling your new additions are Tweety! Too cute!

    Sapphireblu, foxes are really adorable creatures, they just are challenged in the singing voice department!

    Okay, gotta crash and burn.
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    Dec 12, 2011
    Derby, KS area
    Good night JosieChick! [​IMG]
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    Feb 28, 2012

    Thanks for sharing on the topic of Diabetes. I'm diabetic, too. Right now I'm on Victoza and was on Metformin, too. Just recently doc said I've been doing really well (lost 70lbs in the last year and sugars are great) so she took me off the Metformin. The Victoza has really helped a lot, but the whole foods and portion control approach to diet is key; exercise has had a hand in it, too, although haven't been doing as much since my Achille's tendon almost detached last summer.

    As far as the A-holes burnin' down dirt roads...geeze Louise, I hope they never kill anyone! That's just NUTS driving like that!
    A friend of mine was a young teen just learning to drive. He and his older brother were out tearin' around town and there was a cardboard box in the road. His older brother told him to run it over, but he just didn't want to chance it. Good thing he didn' they passed by, a little girl climbed out of the box! Can you imagine? I mean, the kid should not have been in the road like that, but little kids don't always think or realize what the consequences could be...ugh. He told me that story and I almost threw up thinking about "what if".

    [​IMG] Welcome, Queenbigears!!!

    That is a great duck story ^_^ Love the pics! I need to get a pool for my Pekins, too. Love those ducks!

    [​IMG] Welcome, Chris From Topeka!!!

    Still waiting for my poor eggs to hatch...*SIGH*
    Clipped wings yesterday, chicks kept getting out of the pen. I have GOT to get that new pen up THIS weekend!!!

    And the coop needs to get done...and the garden...and...well...EVERYTHING needs to get done this weekend!
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    Feb 28, 2012
    Yep, they also trill, yip, bark, and growl like an angry mongoose, lol. They really are hilarious to watch and hear. Look up Kevie the fox on YouTube. Not mine, but covers a lot of the sounds they make.
    Awesome that that's all done! Yes, Hawks will go after large fowl. I lost 11 chickens last year to hawks :(
    Have an awesome LGD now, no longer a problem!
    Yes, foxes are not the greatest singers, lol!
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    SE Kansas

    Made for poultry but when I tried it my dogs liked it better than my chickens did! And boy oh boy did it ever firm up their poops! Biiggest you know whats I ever saw! And all nicely rolled in all the grains they couldn't digest! I had to go back to my green pastures mix to get everyone back to normal!
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    Mar 31, 2012
    Just put pics up on my profile. Maybe someone can identify what the heck my furry footed Bantam Nugget is. Most of my babies are on there. I' taking. New pics today.

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