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    May 31, 2010
    Wichita, Kansas
    What is this red hen Danz? She is beautiful!
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    Dec 12, 2011
    Derby, KS area
    OMGosh Hawkeye!!!!!! Congrats on that baby!! I'm so happy it made it. The little beggars sure can be worrisome!

    Danz, I'm PMing you.

    HEChicken, it's a real adjustment from working to being a SAHM, but it is so enjoyable once you get the hang of it! Congrats!

    Tweety, sorry about the muscle spasms, I've had those too and they're awful. Great job with the 4.0!

    Today, DH worked on a movable pen for my birds and I worked on breeder pens.I started out making a duck shelter but then changed my mind. I'm using a redwood dog house a friend gave us that was still in the box. I put it together today for the ducks, when I decided that a bit of modification would make it work beautifully for a breeder pen. So, off to Atwoods I went where I picked up two more @ $185 each, it wasn't fun to part with the money, but was well worth it since I can put it together myself. DH is going to show me how to use the hole saw so I can put in openings for ventilation. Then I'll trim out some hardware cloth over that to keep any unwanteds from visiting. After that, I can add nest boxes to them and done! I'm so happy to have figured out this particular little detail.

    DH is making a covered run area that is easily moved and connects to the breeder pens for use as a tractor until I separate the birds for breeding. At night, all I have to do is shut in the birds and move their pens inside the electric fence. Yay! Oh well, ducks aren't ready for their own digs yet anyway so I'll get another one for them later. I'll take pics once it's all done.

    Back to work...
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    Nice looking hens! And WOW, I love your garden plat! The other garden in your friend's yard is gorgeous-- love the area. Hope you get your watering system worked out. :)

    We don't drive our truck much. It's a large one-ton diesel. I use it for hauling horses and the occasional run to Lowes that requires a big bed. But yeah, it comes in handy a lot. Yeah, I love the PVC and how it can be easily worked into coop designs.

    WELCOME to the Kansas thread!!! And [​IMG] Hope you stick around, we're a great group!

    That's great you are started on the coop!! Even laying it out takes time, so don't feel bad. Now you'll understand why I work so slow-- especially when I do this by myself. [​IMG] Sorry about your nailer not having the attachment. It wasn't in the box? Ours has attachments in the plastic tool box with the nailer. Anyway, that stinks, but you'll get there!!!

    Danz-- totally drooling!!! That first hen is GORGEOUS!!!!! Look at her wings!!! And I love the pheonix and chicks-- just too darned adorable! I think that is another gorgeous bird! Wow, you have some really amazing birds there! I'm sure one of those will be a rooster. I'd wait to see how they develop so you can pick the best one. :)

    Oh Josie, I'm sorry about your goats, but I understand your frustration. I'm sure you will miss them, though. And you have EVERY right to refuse to sell your animals to someone. I would not want to sell nice quality pets to a trader, either. So sad. I'm glad you found a nice family that will use them and enjoy them. I hope Lucie does better with the chickens. Maybe that was just a fluke?? Kind of like Trish's dogs killing the kitties on accident??
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    Aug 12, 2009
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    Congratulations! I was a little worried when you were talking about a crack that wasn't a pip - I'm so glad it turned out okay. This is your first incubator hatched chick, isn't it?

    Its actually more like going back to it for me. I was a SAHM until my kids were in school and then I had to go back to work. Three years ago I resigned from that job to return to staying home and I was so content. I wasn't looking for a job, but a friend talked me into this job which was only part-time anyway, and I had a really hard time making the decision to do it. I was only there a year and it was overall a good experience but I am really happy with the move to staying home again. Although my kids are older, I've found that their needs change, (for example, a 2YO may need help dressing, an 8YO doesn't and if you tried to dress a 14YO it would be just plain weird), the amount of time they need really doesn't. Currently my kids take almost more of my time than they did when they were younger because their activities take up so much time. So between that and trying to get moved to the new place, I started to get very overwhelmed because my work hours made it difficult to get anything done. So, when DH suggested I give up the PT job and focus on getting us moved and getting some projects done around the new place, I was really more than happy to oblige.

    How is your eye doing?
  5. Hawkeye95

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    Thanks Karen!! I can't believe how excited I am about it!!!! LOL!! [​IMG] I checked it's toes -- and they are ALL there, AND there are NO fused toes and no missing nails!! This is a much better quality bird than the one that my broody hatched! Looks like I'll probably be getting rid of the first chick once I see it grow out a bit just to be sure. Then again, I think it's already pretty much on my cull list.

    I HAVE to see pictures of what you are doing with the dog house!! What a fabulous idea! [​IMG] I'll be expecting updates on that! hehe! Sounds like you all have been really busy and getting a lot done. That will be so nice when you get it all completed. I think you already have a great set up!
  6. Hawkeye95

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    It is my first incubated chick, yes! I was so worried about the humidity because I have a staggered hatch in there.

    That is great that you can be a SAHM again, then. I really love it and I sure don't want to go back to work if I can help it! I'm finding they need more time with me as they grow-- they have field trips, lessons, sports, on and on... it is a full time gig to keep them going. Anyway, so glad you can go do what makes you happy! :)
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    We actually thought about doing that, but the problem is that it's a 10x10 space and we couldn't find PVC pipe that was long enough. We put in a 4x4post in the middle with a post anchor and we'll see how that does for now. Looks like circus tent. LOL Thanks for the ideas though. We might have to resort to that and just connect a couple together if this doesn't work.
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    Aug 12, 2009
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    Haha - the funny thing is, when you first asked for suggestions, what I pictured was a circus tent type post in the middle with the tarp coming down all the way around it but then you got so many other good suggestions that I decided you didn't need mine. Well, I guess you really didn't need my offering , since you came up with the same idea anyway!
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    Mar 14, 2012


    I cant wait to get the paneling on the outside and roofing on!!!
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    Aug 12, 2009
    BuCo, KS
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    Awesome job RVRoman!

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