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    Some day in the future I would like to get some Marans.....Some day....
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    Thanks David! I plan to get quotes from them and the one Tonya recommended and go from there. I'd much rather go with a company someone else has used and been happy with, than an unknown quantity.

    You might be surprised how easy it is to build an incubator - you may even have the items you need already sitting around! I had heard that the Omaha Steaks coolers are good because they are made of very thick styrofoam, so retain temps well. However as I'd never ordered from Omaha Steaks, I didn't have one of their coolers. So I placed an ad on Freecycle for one and had a very nice lady tell me to "come and get it". (A few months later I decided to build a second incubator and had the same result. Its funny - each time I only had one person respond to offer me a cooler but one was all I needed). For heat, you can use a low wattage light bulb in a lamp socket, or you can get creative and see what else you have that is designed to create heat. I've heard of people taking apart all kinds of appliances to use the heating element in making an incubator. In my case, I also keep herps (reptiles), so had some reptile heating mats already. I highly recommend them for creating a very even, stable temperature. You can get them at petco or petsmart or online. The nice thing is, they come with a cord ready to plug in so there is no wiring necessary. Last, you need a thermostat. Again, I had two thermostats already from the herps, but if you don't already have one, you can get a hot water heater thermostat at Lowes or Home Depot for just a few bucks. Just put all the elements in your cooler, poke a few holes in the side for ventilation and you're ready to start incubating. I wanted a window in mine so I cut out most of the top, went down to a thrift store and bought an empty picture frame and used the glass for the top of the cooler, but that is optional. (Though I will say, at hatch time you REALLY want to be able to watch so I recommend the viewing window. It also makes it easy to check temp/humidity every time you walk past if you can just glance in instead of having to open it up).

    Mine isn't fancy but I've done a few hatches in it and it works great. It holds temp/humidity beautifully!
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    Ivy, when do you get your new puppy? I can't wait to see what it looks like. And it seems like everyone else has heard of this breed, but I have not. Which is interesting, because I thought I was fairly familiar with the smaller breed of dogs. Which happen to be my favorite since I love being able to take them with me in the car, sit on my lap and groom. I use a groomer here that only charges me $28 per dog, which is really reasonable. Purdy Pet here in Derby (I used to use Fuzzie was He, but they mistreated one of my dogs). These groomers are so sweet and gentle.

    Danz, I cant keep up with all you do! LOL That is so neat that you are able to get ahold of chicks now like that. I don't need anything else. I'll be glad if I can get rid of my two little white silkie roos. I'd like my layers to be worry free and if anything, I want to hunt down a nice LF Polish roo for my girls. The majority of my birds are Polish out there.

    Pikeman-- wow, that was a big snake! I don't mind snakes, but I certainly don't want them in my garage or near my birds. Usually I don't even see them around here. About the only time I realize I have a snake in the yard is after I run over them with my mower and I hear that "thunk, thunk, thunk!" and turn around and see snake parts being shot out from the side. Sort of makes me feel bad, but then I think, ah well, plenty more! hehe!

    Karen, good luck on the lavenders. That should be an interesting spin on the Alohas. I bet they are really pretty as is, too. I hope you have a good hatch.

    My chick has NOT hatched yet. Sigh. It still has a pretty large pip it put into the shell, so at least I don't think it's going to suffocate and die in the shell. I noticed that my incubator was dropping back into the 50%'s this morning, I don't know why that happened so fast, I had it perfect last night. So I did pop open the lid quick and set in a warm soaking wet paper towel to up the humidity. The chick started screeching when it heard me. So now I sit back and [​IMG] and wait.
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    May 20, 2010
    Well this list is on going. I'm putting it out there for any future reference. I don't have to order right now. You can all look it over and later this summer or whenever if several of you want to order a few chicks it is out there. Prices for delivered chicks are very reasonable. If you notice the biggest selection are bantam chicks. There are some real fancies there but I am trying to eliminate most of my bantams except my polish.
    At any rate I think it is a good opportunity to get some chicks you want in small quantities that maybe you can't find at your local store. I thought of posting it on the facebook poultry site but don't want to take blind orders from people I don't know.
    I wanted to thank whomever recommended Odoban from Sam' Club a while back. I bought some and have used it for just everything. I put it in my mop water, laundry, and now I'm even using it in my incubator to keep it fresher smelling. Love the stuff. It's also antibacterial which adds that much more use to it.
    I have guineas starting to pip today. Yippee! Here comes the $$$! I sure hope the market stays good because I am getting between a dozen to 2 dozen eggs a day.
    DH just came in and said there's another group of chicks in the barn. He said at least 5 . I am so loving letting some of these girls hatch their own. I worry about the mortality rate of the babies but so far they seem to be doing well. Wish I had a designated area I could put all the hens and their babies so I'd know they had access to feed and water. Worst part of course with them scavengering is that they don't have access to medicated feed and I'd hate to get cocci started here.
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    Danz, That's an amazing assortment that you are able to get! If you are able to get those still next spring when I'll be upping my flock, i'll definately be ordering from you! I'm going to save this list on my computer so it doesn't get lost, too bad our thread can't have a sticky all by itself.. hehe. QUESTION: are all these straight run order?

    Home sick today. Dunno what's going on, but it's some horrible tummy issues. My chicks are all doing good. The girls outside are getting so big - they look like chickens again - no more akwardness! hehe. The ducks are doing great too. I really know that getting rid of Quackers was the best thing, they are like new ducks now that routine is settled again. The birds are liking that I let them out in to the outer coop today since I'm home. lol. at least someone is happy I'm home today.

    I ordered a new camera the other day ( a Cannon Powershot. I wanted something that would be better than my kodak easyshare point and shoot so I can get better pics of the birds in action shots. It will arrive today, so i'm sure you'll will be getting more pictures soon. I love taking pictures and got frustrated by the lack of options in this other camera. Now i can get creative!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!
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    I think your Polish are gorgeous! :) What is Odoban? Is this a liquid cleaning agent? Good luck on your guineas! Seriously... how long is too long for a pip and to finally zip? My chick pipped around noon time yesterday and is STILL not showing any signs of hatching yet. I'm not touching it! Don't worry, just growing really impatient! [​IMG]

    Sorry you are sick, no fun! Glad the ducks seem happy with out Quackers. Congrats on the camera! I have a couple of really nice cameras and it would be no fun to have one that didn't work right. I have a Canon ELPH, it is a "point and shoot" but a lot nicer than a simple point and shoot. But it has a lot of features and takes good shots, it's handy for putting in your purse. Then we have a Canon SLR, and I won't tell you how much we paid for that one. That's the one I use for the times I want better shots. We have different lenses for it. We have a telephoto lens (that nearly cost more than the camera!) and macros, filters, etc.. It's fun to switch out and get creative with. Anyway, I think Canon makes a great camera and I'm sure you're going to LOVE your new camera!! Can't wait to see what you do with it. :)
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    Wow! What a cool surprise! That's awesome it hatched without even changing the humidity. [​IMG]
    I'll definitely be around Thurs thru Sunday since DH and I will be working on breeder pens. If you're going to be making a Derby run, let me know, I'd love to show you the birds!
    At first I thought you said rattlesnake, speed reading run amok! Any snake is bad enough on your inside garage steps -- gross! Glad you caught it before it messed with your birds. I have put rehoming my chickens on hold. I told Verna and forgot to tell you. Some of the birds in the basement started with the sneezing thing so I got this idea it may be from dampness, i.e., some kind of fungal thing. If I'm right, I can get it cleared up with some Oxine AH in a cool mist vaporizer and before I do anything further with the birds I want to make sure they are good and healthy. If this doesn't work then they probably are getting a virus, or already have it systemically, and I just don't want to pass that on to anybody.

    I'm hoping I'll locate some Oxine AH locally, without having to drive clear across town again, but haven't taken the time to make the calls yet. The birds are stable, for now, I would just really like to get rid of whatever it is, if possible.

    HEChicken, your bird has remained healthy but it won't hurt it to treat and I think it's the best thing to do. We have plenty of time before your bird goes home so I feel sure I'll know how he's doing before then.

    Thanks so much. Hopefully, I'll get a decent number. At some point I'm sure I can sell you just one! Chooks is going to have some hatching eggs this summer, so even if these do not work out, I'll be able to get some later. I think they are just beautiful birds.

    I'm off and running! Have a great day!
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    Tweety, I think most of the bantams are straight run only but most of the LF come straight run or sexed. Males are cheap but they charge an extra $1.50 if you order less than 5 males. I personally like getting new chicks for myself in the fall because by spring they are laying. If you get them in Sept or so it is easy to keep them warm. I've tried it both ways and that works best for me.
    Just saying. I plan to try this and if I get some orders I will continue. I just had to file an application and get approval for my tax number and business credit.
    Odoban was something some body suggested saying they used it when they worked for a fire and water damage place. I wish I could remember who it was so I could give them credit. It comes in a gallon jug at Sam's club and mine came with a complimentary spray bottle too. I've even used it in the brooder a couple times.
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    May 20, 2010
    Oh I forgot to mention I need the dumbA award for the month! Yesterday when I was loading the incubators I turned up the thermostat on the one that fluctuates. (Or so I thought!) The dial on that one is on the opposite side as the others and I turned the stupid thing down. I looked at the thermometer and it was reading 83 degrees. I am afraid I killed an entire incubator full of birds. Makes me feel sick. I guess off and on in the next 30 days or so I will find out what kind of damage I did. It had been at least 16 hours so heaven knows how long it took to cool down that far. I've got to break down and buy a new thermostat so I don't have to baby this one all the time.
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    pikeman, I would have had a heart attack if I had found that snake on my stairs, I hate snakes! We have quite a few of them around here too due to all of the rocks & woodsy areas we have. I have not to date, knock on wood, seen a viper but I know they're here. I hope to not see one either. I have been told there are copperheads around here, but hopefully they will stay away from where we are. I also know this area has a type of rattlesnake. Mostly though I see big rat snakes & there is a ringneck snake we have a lot of. I guess if there is food for them they will be here.

    Hawkeye, I may know where you can get a polish rooster. Keena Campbell, who lives in El Dorado & is the one that picked up my BC Marans rooster for me & she may end up with an extra. I can check with her if you want & see. I know she had gotten some chicks just recently. She doesn't get on BYC, but she is on the Poultry Swap & Chicken Chatter sites.

    Danz, I love that Odoban, I have been using that for years for cleaning up pet stains. Sams is the only place I have been able to find it & they sometimes have a bonus spray bottle with it.

    KarenS, I don't think I will have a chance this weekend to come by, I have an event for the Cowley Country Humane Society on Sat. morning that we do every year & then that evening I have my 40th high school class reunion in Wichita. I'm kind of excited about that & kind of not, it will be strange seeing those people after 40 years! I have not been to any of the other reunions for one reason or another. If you end up selling some of those lavender orpingtons later on I may be interested in a hen. Yeah, that chick that hatched in my GQF yesterday was one of the most vigorous chicks I have seen so far. It had the loudest peep & it just was a strong little thing. I took it out to the brooder today & it fit right in even though it's smaller than most of the rest.

    Well everyone have a great day, I've got a busy one again today.

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