constipated chick/ swollen anus

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    Jul 8, 2010
    I have a 1 1/2 week old RIR chick who up until now has been completely healthy. She now get poop stuck on it's way out and chirps fluttery and loudly when it happens (helpful to us so we can clean it off). We take a bit of toilet paper and with a slow movement guide it down and it comes the rest of the way out. Her anus is now swollen and constantly pulsating with her back arched and squatty a bit, as if she's still trying to poop more. I have tried vasoline on the anus and then I tried olive oil both on/slightly in the anus and in a dropper for her to drink (for use as a laxative). She seems to be eating and drinking well.

    What do I do to help her get better since what I'm doing isn't really helping?

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    I would keep up the olive oil and I would wet down her food into a mash to help it pass better, add a little oil to it too if she'll eat it. Add some gator aid or vitamins to her water , try to get her drinking more.

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