Controlling odor


9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
Roanoke Alabama
What are some ways to control odor in a run. I know keeping it clean first of all but what else? Bc right now my smells awful with all the rain we've been getting. I'm going to put either sand down or wood clippings. Could input lime under that bc I know lime helps keep smells down or is that a real bad idea.
we use the powdered lime, and it helps a little- I heard that the sweet peads for horses works well under the shavings- We havent tried it- kinda scared the chicks will eat it..
I've been wondering the same. We are switching from a tractor to a permanent chicken yard this year, which will be attached to our backyard. I'm interested to know what other people do to control odor... besides the obvious cleaning. We are considering putting a simple metal roof over our entire run to lessen the rain/mud in it, as well as bedding it with grass clippings and leaves (we live on a farm, and both are endlessly supplied around here).
I've heard Stall-EZ is fine for chickens, it's mainly used for horses and is very affordable. We throw down some blue grass straw (falloff from the bales of bgs hay fed to the horses) and that works fine, but we live in Central Oregon the "high desert"...
Good luck!
Dry chicken droppings don't smell (other than the cecal ones that come out wet anyway). So keeping your run as dry as possible is the key. I went ahead and roofed my big run just for this reason.

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