Converting old Outhouses

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    I'm considering converting two old outhouses on my property into chicken coops. The pits are filled, so the outhouses are useless right now anyhow. I'm thinking I would move one to the pasture as a retirement home for older hens, and sell the other.

    I'm looking for any and all advice before I begin. I haven't even come up with a design plan, so I'm open to just about anything. I'm also not committed to keeping them looking like outhouses--I've been debating cutting them down to be shorter.

    I know there are threads on converted outhouses, so has anybody else done this and what would you recommend?


    104" - height mid-side--tallest point
    86" - height on front and back--lowest
    50" - depth
    63" - width


    92" - height in front--tallest side
    69" - height in back
    55" - depth
    50" - width

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