Coop Attack. Bloody comb. Now can’t hold head up. Wry Neck?


Dec 8, 2020
Greetings all and thanks,
Patient: 6 month old Buff Orp Rooster, Sunny. Free range, but cooped up at night.
We had a coop attack (fox, I think) two nights ago that took one of our roosters and injured another. These are sweet guys that have grown up together. I noticed the surviving rooster huddled with his neck turned in. He also had some slight blood on his comb. I couldn’t see any other injuries and it looked like a scratch probably, but was not actively bleeding. I went ahead and took our guy inside and kept him in a dog cage for two nights with food and water with some oregano oil. Last night, he seemed to be doing much better. Tonight as I got home from work, I checked on him and he was unable to stand straight and has his neck turned very strangely. Does this sound like Wry Neck? Should I give him some vitamin E and selenium as I’ve read? Any other suggestions?
Thanks very much for your time!
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Yes, give hime the E and selenium, 400iu on the E and about 25mcg on the selenium. He may also be suffering from delayed shock. Give him some warm Gatoraid or mix up some warm sugar water with a pinch of salt and baking soda.
Well, Sunny never came back around and died today. I really wish we knew what exactly was going on with him. Thanks for your help and time :)

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