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So my dad has been looking at Craigslist repeatedly for like a week or more and I have been for a while too so I kept saying I looked at every single one and none were good, which was true because they're all too small or expensive or dirty, but I kind of stopped looking. Well anyway apparently I missed some because my dad showed me two new ones I hadn't seen last night and my brother's are going tomorrow morning to pick it up. I personally think it seems a teeny bit small for all 8 but it's a good price and when my dad feels better we can always add an addition. Plus they're still young and there is plenty of height to add shelves or something for additional floor space. Plus it has a run. And we can't really build something so need something fast.

Anyway, it was between these two. My dad didn't like the second one because it has no run and is like $800 but it is the righr size and a run would be easy. But this is the one we are getting. Though they added more pictures and measurements since my dad asked. :p

And this is the other one.

I guess I just wanted to share cause I'm excited but also just wondering if anybody had any suggestions or tips on maximizing the space
I like the $250 one much cheaper more room maybe. Those coops are flemsy though and after moving them might be alittle more flemsy. U could build one like in my video prior post on a smaller cheaper scale. For $800 u could build one almost like mine maybe smaller scale.
Yeah, I really do like it and with the height it does seem more spacious but I was just worried with 8 especially 8 bigger ones but I'm sure it will be fine and they'll be outside a lot anyway hopefully free ranging but maybe just with bigger run. But yeah, I thought about the.flimsy bit too since it's probably a kit. Hopefully it works out though. And you're right that this actually probably has more space, the other just looks bigger I guess cause of the height. But you know, I thought of the price too an for $800 I could build a much bigger and nicer one or add additions to this anyway. I'll look for your video, thank you. :)
Apparently she told someone else to come look too so we might get another one. I don't think it's gone yet but we are going to TSC
My dad just called them and bought one, last one with Black Friday specials. We're going now. I appreciate the initiative I guess but I'm also kind of mad because I don't even know ANYTHING about it and I GUARANTEE it's way too small. I was hoping we were going to get hoops. Guess not.
Finished it maybe an hour ago but then had lunch and put shavings in and now am putting them in it but decided to only put them in during the day for now. Also I think it's smaller than their brooder lol but they have an outside area which will keep them occupied.

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