Coop maintenance concerning poop????


9 Years
Jun 1, 2010
We have limited space in our yard and I was just curious how everyone else handles the disposal of their chicken poo, can anyone give me any ideas please?
from Washington,

Rain washes it away, or it dries up and gets sucked up in the lawnmower, then into the compost bin.

Coop Poop some goes in the compost bin, some in the garbage-depending what it is stuck to.

When mine are out of the coop/run they free range in a fairly small area (I have 3 dogs who would love to eat their poop or the chicks!) so I just use a kitty litter scoop and pick up the poop with that.
So do you just throw it in the trash or is there a specific location you take it? Do you ever clean out the inside of the chicken house and if so what do you do with that poop?
I put mine in 5-10 gallon buckets, about 1/8 the way up, fill them with water and let them sit for a few weeks. I then sell those buckets to the local farmers as fertalizers. Some buy straight poo to do it themselves.
Hey, why didn't I think of that! GR8T idea!! I'm gonna do that instead of osmocote! Thanks for the hint!

Be sure to let it cook in a compost pile long enough, or... steep in the tea er... bucket long enough. and even then don't put it directly onto plants. Chicken poo is very high in nitrogen and will burn most plants if not aged properly.

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