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  1. I can't decide what would be best. I'm in the northeast, very cold in the winter. I'd like the coop to get maximum sun for the at-least-7 months that it's pretty cold here. But in the summer, I don't want to fry to coop. Right now, it's placed between an apple tree and another large tree, which will shelter it a bit from wind. I could move it closer to the apple tree, but then it would be in a lot of shade, with a shaded run as well. That might be nice for summer, but in reality, we only have maybe 2-3 weeks of truly hot weather all summer. It's not an option to move the coop around: I dont' have my girls yet so I can do it now, but the coop is very heavy and I want it to be in one place.

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    I'm in Northern Michigan. I opted to keep my coop by the trees for extra shelter /shade in the summer. I figure in the winter the leaves are all gone anyway so if there is any sunlight it's gonna hit the coop.

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  3. Good point. Now that I think about it, it would probably be better wind protection if it was closer to the apple tree. I know the run will have quite a bit of shade because I situated it N/S, so the noonday sun throws a nice shadow. Yeah, I think I'll move it more towards the apple tree. [​IMG]
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    also, think about when it's really cold (or hot or whatever) and you don't want to go out there no way ever are you ever going out there- which is the closest to your house? [​IMG]

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