COOP-SCAPING. Help a brother out.


Jan 3, 2018
Freeland, MD
My Coop
My Coop
I am new to raising chickens, so new that I don't even have my first set of chicks yet. I am handy but I am not a landscaper or gardener. Basically what I am asking is what low plants can I get at home depot that I can dig a hole drop them in and forget about? (That are safe for chickens.) Basically act like you are talking to your 18 year old son and you are writing him a list of plants to pick up from home depot and expect zero thinking from him. :)

I also have wire underground so I will be planting these things two feet off the coop but around the entire thing except for in front of the doors where I am going to put a few pavers.

whoa whoa whoa.... pretend i am a 18 year old kid you gave a list to. When I go to home depot with a note that says "Mint" I will be confused when i see all these different types of mint :)

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