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Well, I wanted to post some pictures of the coop I am building and get some feedback from the knowledgeable members here. But apparently I can't do that yet.

I have started building the coop and it is approximately 7' x 16'. Construction is 2x4 with OSB for the walls and sloped roof and sits between our garage and up against the neighbors fence. The front wall of the coop is about 3' from the side garage wall and will serve as part of the open run area. Ah heck this is just too difficult to explain without pictures.

In addition to the 3'x16' run area, I have another area about 20'x20' that is bordered on two sides by a 6' fence and the garage wall on the other side. Is this enough room for 12-24 chickens? I have 12 Golden Sex Link Pullets in my brooder that were hatched about May 16th and am considering adding more to the flock.

My other concern is the cats in the neighborhood. I have read a lot of posts and none of them have mentioned cats as predators.........Will the full grown birds be able to defend themselves against the cats? Or will I need to add overhead protection for them? (Something I really would like to avoid doing, since the 20x20 area has an 8' wide access gate).


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I believe we have to have 10 posts to be able to put up pictures. I'm new here too and can't yet but I'm close! People here are so helpful when you ask questions so it shouldn't take you too long to be able to.

Welcome and Good luck. Can't wait to see your coop!
Welcome from San Diego!! Why not make it 8 x 16 since lumber comes in 8 ft. lengths? That extra foot is nice!

Not too difficult to explain. I got it
Sounds like you have a great plan! Must get hot in Texas so just be sure you have plenty of ventilation. I put ventilation
on all sides of my coop and I'm glad I did. It doesn't matter what direction the wind blows, where the breeze is or if it's raining sideways I can adjust the ventilation
appropriately. Best thing I did!! Look at all the pictures (link at top, "coop designs") and pick out what you like best from each design.

Have fun with it and keep on posting so you can get pictures up!
Well, having been in construction most of my adult life, I would have done that if I was skinnier:gig

But it's just too close to the house to haul my fat butt through there......LOL

@Knock Kneed Hen.....Well I am not actually in Texas, I am in Vancouver Washington. Texas Willie is a nickname that was given to me years and years ago and is the name I use for my music.....I am a singer/songwriter by trade. Google me if you want.
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