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Feb 22, 2010
Is a solid walled coop necessary?

I'm building a coop from available cheap timber resources. If I make it strong enough it might last a while or the termites might have it down in no time. Apart from the need to maintain the right temperature for new poults, I wonder now whether solid walls are necessary. The climate here equates broadly to that of southern Florida. It rarely gets too cold for adult birds at night time but it can reach 30-40C during the day. Occasionally, a heavy rain storm is accompanied by wind that can blow rain onto a wall but overhanging eaves usually prevent that. The birds will be foraging during daylight unless it's raining.

Perhaps all that is needed is a roof on posts and mosquito mesh around the sides similar to what I believe is called a Florida room in the States. Young poults and their mothers could be housed within that in small timber structures similar to dog kennels.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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I think as long as they have a place to access shelter if they want it, you'd be okay to have the sides open. Here in central Florida we have wild turkeys everywhere and they roost in and around the oak trees. Good luck, Thailand seems like such an exotic place!
When you have hens with the poults, she'll shelter them under her wings anyhow. The only reason that I have sides on my shelters is because of snow. I would say that side will protect them if the rain is blowing straight sideways, but that would probably be only if there is a typhoon, and the shelter would probably blow away anyhow...
Thanks folks, that's very helpful. Your advice will save me a lot of work!

The spinningcottage, I spent several vacations in Florida with my children and loved it. We were usually based in Ocala and made trips to Ormond Beach and St Pete's Beach. My favourite days out were the open markets and country style stores. I loved the imagination used in the decoration things such as kitchen note holders and car tag plates. We have little like that here - most things are merely functional.
I have cousins in Ormond Beach and my sister is in Tampa, right beside St. Pete. I grew up in Miami and the Florida Keys and always have taken the sunshine, fishing, and water skiing for granted. We now live in the country in central Florida and love that too. Florida has many faces - I have heard it said that Florida is two states long and half a state wide!
If you ever plan a trip here again, try to come through Arcadia. You would love the antique district here where you can buy many vintage yet still useful items like kitchen gadgets and linens made by hand with lace and beautiful fabrics.
Here is a picture of some of the wild turkeys that roam around here. I don't know if they are a particular breed. To me they look relatively unattractive, very plain toms with little color.

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