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  1. kemclaughlin

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    Apr 15, 2011
    Garden City, ID
    Has anyone ever ordered from them? Are they reputable with good prices and service? I am looking at the nipple waterer for my girls.
  2. Chicks4Charity

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    Apr 29, 2013
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  3. FCFarms

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    Apr 24, 2013
    You can request BBB create a listing so you can file a report.
  4. BarefootFarm

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    Apr 30, 2013
    Wilmore, Ky
    Just received the 2 treadle feeders I ordered from them. Love them! Half the price of the grandpas feeder. We have 200+ free range chickens, turkeys, and ducks and wanted to find something that would hold a lot of feed, was weather/rodent proof, and wasn't too expensive. So far they work great and will order more. We had no problems ordering from them and are very happy with the quality and craftsmanship of the feeders.
  5. SheshasHens

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    Aug 13, 2013
    DON'T USE THEM!!! IT'S A CRAP SHOOT IF YOU WILL RECEIVE A WORKING ITEM!!!! I ordered a feeder that arrived damaged and non-operational. Contacted coopsnmore by phone and was told I would get a call back from their "quality control" guy Jeremy. After days of not hearing back I called and was asked to send emailed pics. Sent them and still waited before I called again. I wanted to exchange the defective item, but was told to "just take a hammer to it" and that it was not their problem if it was damaged in shipping. The man who said he was the owner was extremely rude and said things I did not say. If you get a damaged item you will get no support from them. Sadly I agree with the above quote. Who knows, maybe they sent me the one she returned :( :Originally Posted by Chicks4Charity [​IMG]

    Buyers BEWARE!!!! Do NOT order from They have terrible customer service and low quality items. Especially their chicken treadle feeder. they sent me a damaged feeder and refused to pay shipping to return it. Not only did they not refund me for shipping but it has almost been a week since they signed and received the returned item and I still have not been reimbursed for my order. The customer service rep argued with me over the phone telling me I should fix the damaged feeder myself instead of returning it. Then accused me of calling his product junk. I never said those words i just stated that it was faulty and the door does not shut all the way and critters can still get in it. I am Sorry if i am going to pay over 100 dollars it better come in working order. He was completely unprofessional and did not except responsibility for the faulty item. Save yourself the headache and order from a different company. You have been warned!!! Still cant find them on the BBB to report them. They put no address on their website and no email contact information just a phone number where someone is rarely available.
  6. BirdNerd101

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    Jul 11, 2013
    My Coop
    i ordered a a hygrometer and candler and it came and i love it. no problems
  7. dsheltucker

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    Oct 9, 2015
    COOPSNMORE needs to work on there customer service they have horrible return policies and refuse to pay return shipping when they are at fault in the future I'll pay the extra money for fair return policies and competent customer service. I recently purchased a few items from COOPSNMORE online: a 30# feeder, a 4 gallon waterer & a feed scoop. The feeder arrived with a waterer bottom and feeder top which makes it useless. I was heading out for vacation in 2 days so I sent COOPSNMORE an email and received no response, so the next day I purchased a feeder from tractor supply. When I returned from vacation I called the customer service line and spoke with Jason, after explaining the situation he told me it would probably cost more than the feeder was worth to return it and explained that that was how all on-line businesses worked, I re-emphasized that they had sent me only half of the feeder and a waterer bottom, he said that sometimes they make mistakes and I was "SOL" when I explained that I would dispute the charge with the CC company, he said "my parents raised me wrong!", so in the future I wouldn't do business with these people. Go to tractor supply instead
  8. RetiredRon

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    Sep 16, 2015
    Vilonia AR
    Im not sure if this helps but to contact bbb, it looks like they are fronting another company. ..

    4 Front Inc

    7174 Highway 95 Nw

    Princeton,  MN  55371-5033  |  view map

    (763) 444-6084
  9. RainForestBird

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    Jul 12, 2016
    I had the misfortune to order 11 items from them on Ebay. Most of the stuff looked like it came from the Dollar Store. The egg turner was thrown in the box with no padding or instructions and missing parts. The maker of the egg turner was RiteFarm and they also have horrible customer service. They simply don't answer their customer service line and there is no email address to submit questions also no instructions or support on their website. The nipple waterer was tiny and a piece of plastic junk. I spent almost $100 in total and what I got wasn't worth $10.

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