Copper in chicken coop

What are scrubbies? Do they have another name?
Is that like a scrubbing pad? I don't know why it would be harmful to chickens but why not just use another board to cover the gap or even some sheet metal?
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Is that like a scrubbing pad?
I would assume so.

Not the best choice to fill gaps...tho they can be good at deterring small rodents.
I wouldn't put them were a chicken could get at them,
they like to pick at stuff and could ingest some.
1/2" hardware cloth would be better.

Pics and more info about there gaps would definitely help here.
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It's easy to do, (laptop version shown), then it's always there!
I bought some of those and mine are actually plastic coated with a tiny bit of copper which peels off into tiny little jagged wires. I’m hyper vigilant about not getting those into the compost bucket, they look like a horrible thing for a bird to eat! They used to be real copper and were really good scrubbers. I wouldn’t use them anywhere near my chickens! I hope you find a solution, like hardware cloth. Good luck!
The gaps are near the base of the coop. I will post photos, hopefully tomorrow. I am hoping to deter rodents and weasels from getting into the coop. I read somewhere that these type of pads were good for this purpose. I am not sure if there are good attachment sites for using hardware cloth.

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