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I need one!


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Sister came to chat outdoors and drop off a corn pie for thanskgiving. This is the one with the kid who has health problems. She has been podding with one other household where everyone works from home, is distance learning, and does no contact shopping. They're having a "podsgiving". I got to talk with her face-to-face (masked and outdoors) for the first time since March. She's also the one who went through the vaccine trial (she and her husband) and said that she's very confident that they got the vaccine because of significant injection site reaction (pain, swelling and limited motion in the arm for 2 days). Still, we wore masks and until she's got a strong antibody response we're gonna wear masks... Probably well after that too.
She got the Pfizer vaccine and told me that the Moderna vaccine attacks the virus the same way and that's why they have such nearly identical efficacy rates,
She also told me that BILs parents caught it by going to a wedding with a ton of people out in the boonies. They wore masks but most people didn't and it because a superspreader event. 9_9; They've since recovered but, well, "It was a weeeeeedding!!!" and "They're FAMILY" and such were hanging about for a while there - you know, until the shoe dropped. Ugh. Now they get to deal with that for the rest of their lives....

It was really refreshing to get to see someone new for a bit. And even if most of the time was spent complaining and rolling our eyes it was so happy to see my sister. <3 I miss her, and everyone, a lot!


Jul 13, 2020
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I wear an acrylic full face shield in addition to my mask when I go out these days. I've gotten a few looks but only brief ones of the "what's that" variety. IF they were more hostile, I wouldn't care. I don't want to get it. I don't want to be a vector. Period.

I wear a face shield over my mask, too. And I wear gloves. I cover up from neck to toe. I don't want to get it and I don't want to spread it to anyone else. I've had chronic lifelong pulmonary issues and there's a scarred-over partial collapse in one of my lungs. It's small but I really do not need any more lung problems. I don't care who looks at me funny. I've actually had two people ask where they can get one (the face shield)!

Our TSC is the same way. When we have to use them, we order online and have them bring it right to the car. We spray everything down before it goes in and before we close up the vehicle. o we get funny looks? Yup. Rude comments? Occasionally. Do we care? Not a whit!

Everything I pick up at a store, and all deliveries, including all our mail, are unpackaged and left inside the car with an ozone generator for 15 minutes. Do whatever you need to to keep your family as safe and as healthy as you can. Rude people are going to be rude no matter what you do.

It seems like we're always waiting cautiously for the proverbial "other shoe to drop," but these days, it seems like we're dealing with a dad-blamed centipede. Will someone - please - either take away the beastie's shoes or tie all the laces together so they stay put? I'm tired of this mess!

I agree!!
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Aug 22, 2017
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Happy Birthday, Cynthia! And so glad to hear your son's experience was so limited.

Great to hear of Dale's recovery, sourland. I hope he'll take the time to fully mend at home since relapsing is sometimes an issue and if he was prematurely released to free a bed he still deserves adequate time to heal and get strong.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! There's still plenty to be grateful for and not the least a place and an opportunity like this one to share the burdens and the information.


Aug 22, 2017
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I've been deep in prep for a week.

I'm sous viding my turkey this year -- 3 large boned and tied breasts. Lots of leftovers for the kids to take home as we are a family who sees Thanksgiving dinner as the preliminary to the leftover sandwiches.

We did a test run on sous viding several weeks ago and all agreed it was juicy and wonderful so they're already cooked and bagged to have a second sous vide overnight tonight to bring them up to temperature and then just a short "roast" at high temperature tomorrow. There won't be a Norman Rockwell turkey to carve at the table but I'm ready to let that go.

I made stock last week from necks, backs and wings the butcher supplied with the breasts. I've finished my gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. My rolls have been proofed once and frozen. They just need to be thawed overnight and baked tomorrow morning. I baked the pie shell for my pumpkin pie yesterday and the filling is in a jar in the fridge. The apples for my apple pie have been macerating and had a short microwave to soften them up. I'll roll out the double crust, fill it and bake along with the pumpkin pie while we have dinner. Pumpkin cheesecake bars are baked and are thawing in the fridge now. My daughter is bringing the bourbon vanilla ice cream she made yesterday.

Bread for the sandwiches is already baked. (This is the first time in my life I've managed to braid a six-strand plait and I can't tell you how proud of this I am.)


Tomorrow I'll be doing veggies and mashed potatoes and finishing the above. Should be a breeze. And the taste test on the sous vide turkey was so good, I anticipate that we'll do T-day this way in the future. Even clean up should be a easy peazy because I'll be doing most of it today.

Tomorrow night is turkey sandwiches on homemade bread spread with cranberry sauce for sweetness and blue cheese for tartness then drizzled with gravy for YUM. A layer of stuffing is optional.

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