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My friend Dale has been released from the hospital - the doctor telling him, "You are one of the lucky ones." Tests reveal that he did not have a heart attack. Inflammation of the heart muscle caused by the virus mimicked a heart attack. His vitals were all normal, and they needed the bed so they sent him home. He is regarded as contagious until 12/9 and the three people with whom he has had contact have all been tested - waiting on results. I told him not to buy any lottery tickets. He has used up his luck in one swell swoop.


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Good news here. Son didn't get very sick at all. Still can't smell a thing, but is thankful that was it. Did start off with mild cold symptoms..then the no smell. He was shaving when he noticed. I said, bet you went around sniffing He says he did..trying his aftershave first. Nothing. Can taste, just no smell. They told him it could be months before it comes back. Everyone else in the house that was tested came back negative! Three year old only had sniffles for a couple of days... wasn't tested, but is well. Crazy crazy bug! Glad it turned out this way to say the least!


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I drove about 80 miles into the boonies to buy some wood yesterday. The farther I got off the interstate, the more scarce masks were. I really got some strange looks when I got way out there but no one gave me a hard time about my mask.
It also has rooster pictures on it.
Seriously. Rooster masks need to be a Thing.

This is a great idea with both pretty and multiple meanings.

Rooster logos or Rooster embroidery or stamps on masks....

A Rooster has a whole lotta meanings...

Anything from Culinary Goodness to Colorful to 5:30 am Alarm Clock to to Watchfulness to “Being the Boss” or just Being Male and Getting in Scraps...
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Rooster logos or Rooster embroidery or stamps on masks need to be a thing.

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