coturnix male Bully..


9 Years
Aug 5, 2010
my house in maryland
i have (1) 4 week old male that has turned into a TERRIBLE bully. He wollops the daylights out of everybody else in his cage...all males...
This morning i separated him from all the others.
i have a surplus of boys i hope to give away . Is there anything i can do with the boys that will keep them from being aggressive with each other aside from culling/ processing them. I can't put each of them in their own personal cage i don't have that kind of space .......anyone want them? hahahha
as much room and as many places to hide as possible... Honestly this will just continue to get worse uintil you either get lots of girls in there or seperate..
i was afraid that was what i'd hear...
no temporary or short term solution to this long enough for me to get them rehomed huh?
Do you have tupperware containers and some chicken wire, or screen,, you coul d make some temporary cages for them ... May i ask why you dont just offer them for free on Craigslist or someother site.. or you could have them processed and have a yummy dinner.( sorry I hope that doesnt offend you)
Try one of the Blue lights, works on my chicken Cockeral babies.

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Also, cool them off, give them something else to think about and dim the light in their area.

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Are you sure it is not a girl? Sounds like my Big Bad Bertha, only she got serious and drew a lot of blood and down right killed a few. That wouldn't look to good on your birds.
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less light will help? i can work that easy!
i'm sure it's a boy... Jumbo brown with no chest markings....

O and i already have the "BRAT" boy in a tupperware with a wire top.
When did you get J Brown? For that matter when did you get E.W? I thought you just had your little project birds. Where have I been?

Ya, I think it was JJMR that was the one to suggest cooling them down ( lowering the temp.) to stop the aggressiveness. Tried that and it helps. But if they are not on lights, then its a little harder to cool them off. But cut down on the light that they get and they 1 cool off and 2 with less light concentrate on eating instead of fighting. At least its worth a try.

The Blue light I think works the same, its a cooler light and it is dimmer. I think that is why it helps with the cockerals.
I don't just raise Buttercups, I breed them and they can be little ... sometimes when you have a lot of them. I haven't had to use the blue light in a few years but it did help.

I would not keep the aggressive ones, if I were you.
The Boy cage has been verrry peaceful ever since i took out "the BRAT" . no one's bothering anyone else for the time being.
the woman i got my 2 "project birds" from hatched me a bunch of eggs and gave me the chicks .They were hatched out 9/9 . i've had them since a couple days after that. Those are the chick pictures i had posted a week or 2 ago....

i didn't know if i had A&M s or E.W.s but since they are only 1/2 -2/3 the size of the J.Browns and the 1 Mancharian...the little Whites are ridiculously easy to spook
but not fighting as of yet.

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