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Jan 26, 2015
Frederick Co, MD
I woke up this morning and went to check on the chicks , they are 4 weeks old . After their initial lets all run for our lives as I cleaned and refilled their food and water I noticed one start sneezing / couching . I picked her up to get a better look . There is no nasal discharge but her breathing sounds congested . She was eating and drinking fine yesterday and running around . Is there a medication I should pick up for her ? Or do I just wait it out . I really hate for something to happen to her I I can treat whatever it is .

They have been outside once but not near any other chickens .
Where did your chicks come from? Respiratory diseases may start to appear around 3 weeks old if the chick has been born around other chickens, where one may be a carrier. Mycoplasma (MG) can also be passed through the egg. Before considering a disease though, make sure there is no dust or dusty feed, no wet moldy pine shavings, and that the chicks have good air circulation. Also make sure the nostrils are not plugged. Oxytetracycline or Lincomycin/Spectinomycin 50 can be used in the water for treatment of symptoms of respiratory diseases. Tylan injectable can also be given orally. Here is a good list of common diseases with symptoms:
The chicks were purchased from my local feed supply store , they came from one of the big Ohio hatcheries ( that is all they were allowed to tell me ) .

Thanks .

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