Coughing, Sneezing, No Discharge, Watery Eyes

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    After the poultry show, I am encountering the first sickness in several years in my flock.

    All of my show birds are housed together and I took all of them to the show, so of course, all of them are quarantined together and now all of them are showing symptoms of:

    Slinging mucous (I believe it's from the mouth as there is no dripping from the nares.)
    One pullet has watery eyes, everyone else has normal-looking eyes.

    The gurgling doesn't radiate to the lung area, but seems to only be around the trachea area.

    The first bird to show symptoms was a white Langshan cockerel. I gave him, down the throat, 1mL of Duramycin. VetRx on the throat, eyes and under the wings to help the symptoms.

    I've now started giving all birds the same treatment and am giving Duramycin-10 soluble powder in the water.

    The first bird started having symptoms, maybe 1/2 a week ago. I started medication 2 days later. The day after receiving treatment he seemed to be more alert. Is there anything else I can do? Do I need to switch medicines or keep up with the Duramycin?

    More birds are getting it...another site suggested ILT, and it doesn't seem that far off from a possibility. But there are no legions, no nasal discharge, no swollen anything. The eyes are a bit watery and I've seen at least one bird wiping her eyes on her back. I seem to remember seeing that as a symptom of another disease but for the life of me can't remember where or what it was!

    I've given injections today instead of down the throat. They are receiving injections of Duramycin and water-soluble form of Duramycin-10 in their water. One pen is sitting down more and sleeping more, losing interest in food but drinking water. The other pens are still hugely interested in feed.
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    I don't know, sounds like you're doing a good job with the antibiotics. You can always make them some hearty oatmeal or scrambled eggs and mix in some Poly Vi Sol without the Iron. Let us know how it goes.
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    Use Talyn 50 injectable & give it orally, 1\\4cc for a bantam 1\\2cc for large birds for about 5-7 days it will clear it up!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yep, Tylan. Its awesome stuff. I use it for the crud crap like your birds have. Everyone is different on how much to use but for bantam I use at least .25cc and standard at least .35cc and I go about 3 days to 5 depending. I inject it because its faster.Also you can put it in the eyes as drops and in the mouth too and then inject as well. Good luck!
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    Where can I get the Tylan 50 and do I inject in the breast or in the leg?
  6. rodriguezpoultry

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Claremore, OK

    Today I walked into the barn and only heard one bird sniffling and shaking her head. She was given another dose of the Duramycin inject down her throat. Seems as though, most of them, after 4 days of treatment come out of it fine and dandy. Appetites are increasing and I'm getting eggs from all of the pens save for the blues.

    Very, very odd how that went down. Also wondering if whatever it was was zoonotic. After handling the birds, I came down with a head cold, watery eyes, fever, snotty-grossness.

    I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but still interesting.
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    rodriguez, read this from would be great for you to have since you show. Glad to hear they are better.

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