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Sep 30, 2014
Pewamo, MI
Hey Everyone!

So I'm trying to keep a list of books I have read and ones I should read about country living. I'm not talking about how-to books, although, if you want to list those, that's fine, just label them as such.

So far I have read:

The Dirty Life--Kristin Kimball
Chickens in the Road--Suzanne McMinn
Barnheart--Jenna Woginrich
Possum Living--Dolly Freed

I'm looking for more along these lines and any good homesteading how-to books you might know of.

My generation really got ripped off on the DIY and hands-on side of things, so I'm trying to recoup some of that knowledge while getting some ideas for my future homestead. I'm also planning on writing my own book like the ones listed above. Any help in finding books like this would be great! Thanks!

It is a how to book, but Carla Emery's, The Encyclopedia of Country Living, seems to cover about everything :)
It is a how to book, but Carla Emery's, The Encyclopedia of Country Living, seems to cover about everything
Literally just got it in the mail Wednesday. I have yet to read through it thoroughly, but I do have it. It's like a phone-book.
They weren't kidding when they called it an Encyclopedia were they, will take all winter to read the thing.

The other more recent book I was trying to remember (name may seem familiar from the controversy when the oxen from his college in VT were going to be processed a few years ago)
The Encyclopedia is huge. I've already learned a bit from it just by browsing through!

I will check out that book too!
My market gardening partner and I have enjoyed and appreciated the how-to info offered by any of Eliot Coleman's books on four season gardening. On a homestead up there in the frozen north they will come in handy.
I will check it out for sure! I'm in the process of amassing a homestead library. I'll take anything that seems useful!
A very nice thread i am actually making a file-library about homesteading ideas, ideas for constructions, about how people reacted in the first hard years, about what failures and feelings you meet and etc lets bump this and see if any others come up with books or sources!!

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