Coyote injured my chicken

First treat for shock. Put her in a warm, low light, quiet place. If you have electrolites, put some in her water, and offer that. Give her some time to recover. You can place a rolled up bath towel under her head and neck to help support it. She may have been shaken or squeezed. Once she's recovered from the shock, flush the wound out well with sterile saline or chlorhexidine and apply plain neosporin or plain triple antibiotic ointment a couple times a day to keep it covered. Also look in feathers everywhere to make sure you haven't missed and other wounds, punctures in particular can be hard to spot.
That happened to my chicken RN. How did you care for her? Pls let me know.
Hi Yoyo, welcome to BYC! I'm so sorry to hear you had a coyote attack. Could you start a new thread with some more details (and possibly photos if you have them)? This will help your question get noticed faster and hopefully someone can help you out.

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